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Guest T_B

The brithday lap dance

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Guest T_B

The main character(name is up to you but to make it easier for me to right write I will be calling him Bill) is turning 18 years old today he has a older sister who is 19 their mom and dad got pregnant her when she was 18 your choice on how old the dad was Bill's was having an awesome birthday that was until his dad let it slip that he was planning on getting a stripper to come to his party but Bill's mom talked him out of it after it Bill was upset that he wouldn't get to finally see a woman naked in real life after the party his mom asked him if he was really that disappointed at not having a stripper at his party he tells her yes Bill's sister started to tease about how disappointed he was about not getting a stripper Bill's mom left to the store not long after the next day about an hour after Bill's dad and sister left  Bill's mom called him into her room she was wearing a slutty looking outfit and in the middle of the room was a chair she said that she was sorry for ruining your party and to make up for it by dancing for him Bill sits in the chair not believing that she'll really do a strip tease for him Bill's mom started some music and started dancing and to his surprise she was really doing it when she got down to just her bra and thongs she started a lap dance as she was doing the lap dance she told him he can touch her and she was grinding on him she was getting truned on as she finished she was completely naked and extremely horny feeling his dick doing the dance she knew he was bigger than his father and in her lust she decided to ask him if he wants to fuck her anything else is up to you

The Mom has to have C cup breasts and a shared pussy(your choice is yours if she was shared before or only shared for the dance)

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