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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 1/1/08

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Guest Jaxxy

Welcome, 2008.

We ring in the seventh AFF-existent numerical year boasting of flourishing fandoms, a flurry of fabulous new features, and a forecast of future fun!

And we think that's just (maybe you guessed?) Fantastic.

One more dream's just come true for us on this first day of the first year of the rest of our lives -- the Forum has finally been upgraded!

The poor thing was actually thirty-one versions out of date as of the last day of last year, and seeing as people've been enjoying the Forum so much since our re-design of the thing (it's just under 1,200 Members strong!), we felt remiss in just leaving it that way.

So, now, when you visit us over there, you'll find many and sundry new features to enhance your daily dose of AFF. Granted, it cost us most of our savings -- the initial license and download cost us $150.00 USD, and a smaller fee will be due every few months to keep the license current -- but with the additions of things like Friend capabilities, a soon-to-be-Casino in which you can use your "naughty points", Arcade Games, and... wow, seriously too much more to mention here, we know you'll think it was worth it.

Boucoup bells and whistles aside, it's just so much easier to navigate now! You've just got to come on over and see our truly new Forum.

Don't you dare hesitate to drop a dollar or five in the offering plate on your way by, either! We've got many other wonderful gifts awaiting everyone, but not everything is as cost-free as our love for you, the Community Member. (Awww!)

Let us keep making a difference for you.

And make it a good year, gosh darn it.

-- Jaxxy

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