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Guest Shadow of a Fallen

I’m looking for someone who is willing to create a story where Peter Parker and Sophia Sanduval after dating for several weeks/months decide to experiment a little. Using Peter’s skills with chemistry they create a hormone that makes women more open to the idea of sex with them and they proceed to use it on different girls in the Marvel universe and later the DC universe after Peter gets the dimension watch from Spider-verse.

Main pairing is Peter and Sophia while other girls are more submissive to the two of them.

They are still heroes but sleep with villains.

Mostly just seducing girls but Sophia does get Peter to agree to some other guys occasionally taking part- no guy on guy sex though.

Takes place in highschool years.

Noone outside their ‘partners’ know what they are doing.

Girls that must be in it:


Felicia Hardy

Squirrel Girl

Emma Frost

Sue Storm

Cindy Moon


Kitty Pryde

Black Widow

Gwen Stacy (regular version, not Spider-Gwen or Gwenpool)

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