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Harry narcissa

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Guest black-storm

The Story takes place in the 5th year and shortly after the beginning of the holidays after the tournament harry has prayed its tug has gringott. He is lord Potter - Black (because Sirius has become barren and harry is his heir) Peverel (of his father) grinfondor (of his father) serdaigle (of his mother who discovers was a pure blood but was adopted in a Muggle family) and serpentar (by conquest by killing Voldemort)

Dolores is not the teacher of defense against the forces of evil, but it is Narcissa Malfoy.

In the beginning Narcissa puts detention to harry to punish it but it turns little by little in a sexual way, and the new proffessor becomes very addicted to these detention and realizes that she likes harry.

The main reason for detention is that harry takes his marauding heritage and humiliates draco, when detention begins narcissa does not like the fact that draco gets humiliated by harry but little by little she will change her mind until she And harry the humillie together by fucking together in front of draco put it uses a magical way that draco can not tell it to anyone.

After a while narcissa asks harry to destroy his marriage contract as Lord Black because there is a breach of contract with lucius who serves Voldemort and carries his mark, harry recuperates in addition the coins in addition to the interests that Are so big that the malefoy no longer have enough money and so the Malfoy mansion also comes back to Harry (as Lucius gave a lot of Galion to Riddle).
As a result of this narcissa and harry planned to marry him during the holidays or after graduating from Hogwarts.
Shortly before the end of the year 5é, we learn that narcissa is pregnant with the child of Harry.

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