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Gunna be a bit long-winded but bear with me here lol,

Tom Marvolo Riddle begins his ascent into Lord Voldemort as per canon only for something unplanned for to take place, during his work at Borgin & Burkes he encounters a female Pureblood (any family, preference is Rosier) and after a few weeks the two begin dating unnoficially, the womans family find out what is going on and bring the full might of their Pureblood Supremacy Prejudice down on Tom and his paramour, to the point where after his current plans have come to fruition they decide to run away together to get away from the constant hate and scorn.

slight timeskip 1 year

Tome and FemRosier are now married and have a Baby girl they call Leliana (or as the baby in question calls herself, Lily) only to be unknowingly spotted by a member of her old family who quickly reports what he has seen to the others before following back to her & Toms house.

Tom returns home from work that night to find the naked body of his Tortured and Raped wife in front of an empty crib along with a message written in her blood along the walls of their daughters bedroom thanking him for the new Breeding Stock that they will be sure to put to good use.

 Tom declares vengeance on everyone, no longer just hating muggles for his upbringing but Purebloods as well transforming him into the Dark Lord everyone would come to fear

unknown to Tom, his wife had managed to hold off her attackers for several minutes, long enough to apply a portkey to Leliana and send her off to safety before using her own self as a sacrifice to buy her daughter more time, Leliana would be found by a muggle adoption agency and less then a month later be adopted by a loving family known as the Evans, with the only identity known to her being her the name she can say, Lily

massive timeskip 20 years

Lily discovers she is pregnant and is worried on how James might react, given his hatred of all things Slytherin, to tell him that their child may or may not be a parselmouth & that it would be inherited from her, due to taking a heritage test at gringotts upon first discovering her ability during her 3rd year at hogwarts Lily has known she was adopted by the Evans but according to Gringotts her mother was dead and noone had heard or seen from Tom Riddle in over 20 years so it was impossible to try and find him, who ever he is (due to Dumbledore keeping shit to himself, noone knows that Voldemort is Riddle)

timeskip 1 year

Lily is alone in the house on Halloween when Voldemort turns up, after finally gaining enough courage to tell James of her secret gift and that their child may possess it, they have done nothing but argue constantly with his continued hatred and bias of all things Slytherin conflicting with his emotions for Lily and their child, this has lead to him not being in the house around them and essentially the slow breakdown of their marriage as he returns drunk each night he goes out and to Lily’s dismay often smelling of perfume & cigarette smoke when he returns,

Voldemort easilly breaks through the wards and corners Lily and her Daughter in the nursery (as in canon) only to find himself slightly frozen in shock as his mind flashes back to seeing his own wife in her position for a seoncd before he begins noticing other similarities between the woman in front of him and his late wife, or to be more specific, her eyes

Held at wandpoint Voldemort questions Lily on her parentage to her confusion, demanding answers from her as decades old grief and anger consume him, however upon hearing her say she is his daughter he refuses to believe her at first before quickly casting a paternal charm designed to show the nearest family members, realizing the truth Voldemort explains to an extremely confused and very scared Lily that he is her father and what exactly happened to make him who he is today, before Lily can answer though, James appears from under his cloak and threatens to kill all of them to wipe their stain from the earth regardless if they are his wife and daughter, he refuses to share any connection Voldemort

James casts the Killing Curse directly at Lily and the Crib holding his Daughter only for Voldemort to get in the way and shield them, the resulting blast demolishes the house killing James whilst Lily is buried under rubble, Voldemort becomes a bodiless spirit and unkown to anyone at the time, the legend of the Girl-Who-Lived had just begun

sirius arrives to the house first, where he finds a dead james, unconscious but alive Lily and a crying God-daughter, he quickly takes Lily and his God-daughter to the only Healer he knows wont ask questions or immediately sell him out under the belief he was the Secret Keeper, Andromeda Tonks

from there i  leave it up to the writer where to go, have fun ^^

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