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Guest T_B

It all started with the home movies

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Guest T_B

My name is Jim me my twin sister Kim are 19 years old and we was watching old Home movies with our parents because our grandparents on our Dad's side recently died and he wanted to see some home videos of them mom thought that was a good idea and got went and got some home videos from her parents  and they made it a family day neither me or Kim wanted to but they was making us so  we frist we had to watch videos from Dad's childhood then we watched mom's childhood after it was done we tried to leave but mom said that she found one more tape she saw us trying to left and she told us as she sat down on the couch that until This tape was done no one was getting off this couch I sat back down in between Mom and Kim again as Dad got up to start it because we just lost the remote it showed a grandpa looking like he's about 20 years old setting up camera pointing Towards the bed then grandma looking about 18 years old came into the room they got on the bed a and started to make out and they started to take each others clothes off we was to shocked finding out that it was a sex tape to get up and stop it at the end we can we can clearly hear grandma say we can let mom or dad find out about us and we heard grandpa say right before turning off the tape don't worry little sister mom and dad will never find out and the last thing we see is them kiss when it was over we heard Mom say that why I never met my grandparents there was an awkward silence between us as we went to our rooms after a hour of trying to fall asleep I heard a knock at my door I open it to see Kim see asked me if i can't sleep either we talked for a few minutes until Kim got a idea of how we can make it less awkward between us we pleasure each other I wasn't sure if it would work but was willing to try anything  I see Kim start to take off her pajamas so I did to when we was naked I was embarrassed because I didn't have any experience anything sexual yet I wasn't sure if kim was but I found out later that she wasn't either I lay on my back then Kim sat on my face letting me eat her shaved pussy as she started sucking my dick as we was doing it I thought I saw my door open but after glancing at it I appeared to be wrong after making each other cum Kim went back to her room the next day at breakfast I I couldn't stop myself from stealing Peaks at Kim and admiring her cleavage that her C cup breasts was making and I noticed that she was doing the same after Dad left for work Kim got a call from her friend asking her if she wants to hang out at the mall she left leaving me home alone with Mom before I could get up stairs Mom said that she saw what we did last night and she said that she feels weird not only did she watched her parents have sex but find out that they are brother and sister she was hoping to talk to you and Kim last night but found the two of you 69ing and unlike the awkwardness she felt earlier seeing it turned her on and but Dad was already asleep when she got back and now it was only us and she asked me if I would fuck her Mom is a Milf she is 36 years old she has long hair and D cup breasts and a figure of a model look at her as she was practically begging me to fuck her I couldn't resist so I agreed as we was kissing in the kitchen I was going to grab Mom's breast but she stopped me and said to come to her room in five minutes when I got there Mom was wearing very sexy lingerie she said that she got this for my Dad but she guess that it's for you now I may not have had any experience but I had stanima I fucked Mom for hours the only reason I stopped was because we heard Kim was home that night Kim came to my room again but was wearing lingerie she bought at the mall she said that she wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity the next day after Dad left for work Mom and Kim was both coming to my room and when they find out that I fucked both of them they decided we should have a threesome any thing else is up to you

the Mom has to have a shared pussy it can be in the beginning or she can shaved it before the threesome

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