Naruto's Hyūga Escapades

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Hello there. I had an idea for a story, but since I’m honestly not all that creative when it comes to writing the story itself, I thought I’d present my idea and maybe someone picks it up.


The gist of it: Naruto will eventually sleep with pretty much every female Hyuga except for one, namely Hinata.

Premise: In his teen years Naruto eventually becomes sexually active and sleeps with a female Hyuga (who exactly, see later) and word of his ‘godly manhood’ slowly gets around within the female part of the Hyuga-Clan.

Why do they all want Naruto: Hyuga males are genereally to ‘lazy’ and stoic to do sex for pleasure, so they keep it for reproductive purposes. The females on the other hands … well, of course they have needs!

Difficulties: Will require a number of OC characters (and as such authors imagination), since there aren’t many existent within canon. Those of course will mainly be Branch House Hyugas, since there aren’t all that many Main-House Hyugas in my opinion.



- Naruto dislikes Hinata. He really isn’t fond of her stalking him (yes, he notices) and is frankly freaked out about it.

- While Naruto certainly is a playboy, he will be kind to his women. Dirty talk and roleplaying is allowed of course, but he treats his women with the respect they deserve.

- Hyuga Natsu is a must have – either as the first woman, or as second should you decide to have Hinata’s Mother alive.

- Hinata will eventually find out and get’s ‘captured’ while peeping (and maybe satisfying herself) while Naruto is with another Hyuga woman (her Mother or Natsu?!). Basically Hinata will thenceforth be forced (and grow accustomed) to watch and will be humiliated.

→ Hinata will never get a piece of Naruto (no kisses, no blowjobs, no sex, no touching), except his bodily fluids from whereever he decides to leave them on one of his women (meaning, eating creampies etc.), but she (at least at first) has the false hope that Naruto would eventually be with her (possibly gets goaded into doing it with the argument that it is from Naruto).

- Hinata will mostly retain her ‘shy personality’ nevertheless and of course eventually turns submissive.

- Later, when Hanabi is old enough (maybe make her older than canon?), Hanabi will join in as one of Naruto’s lovers with the idea in mind that it will humiliate Hinata further.


Prefered Coulds:

- His first Hyuga will be an alive Hinata’s Mother (named Hitomi, for the simplicity of it). → Natsu will be second.

→ That will lead to Hitomi being the ‘leader’ of the Hyugas ‘Naruto fanclub’

→ Hitomi does love her daughter (Hinata), but somewhat gets turned on seeing her forced to watch and humiliated.



- Hinata is forced ( later submissively willingly) to ‘clean’ and maybe satisfy the other female Hyuga

- Chasity belt? Other humiliation? Dunno, endless possibilities.

- Neji’s Mother could join Naruto’s Hyuga-Harem.

- Possibilty to also have Hiashi (and Hizashi & Neji) find out.

→ Possibilty of Hiashi and Hizashi (should he be alive) getting cuckolded.

- If you are feeling generous, Hinata might get pleasure (if she’s behaving well enough) by other women (Strap-on .. would rather not see futas, except if it is a jutsu specially for this situation)



- Nothing to gross (scat etc.). I don’t really mind some piss or so, but it sure as hell shouldn’t go further.


So as you can see, I thought about it a while, but as I said, I’m not really all that good for story writing. So I’ll leave this idea in your capable hands.

Any questions? Ask away.



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