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Me and my girlfriend families on vacation

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Guest T_B

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a month and we decided that we should meet the each other's family to my surprise my girlfriend text me that night saying that her parents are going to be paying for both of the families to go on vacation I'm 19 years old I have a little sister she just turned 18 my mom had me young she is 37 my dad is 40 when we got to the airport we was escorted to a private plane when my girlfriend saw me she had a came to greet us my dad asked how her family paid for all this she got a embarrassed look on her face as she told us her family is rich and we're going to the Private Island for the vacation (I later I learned she didn't want me to know code switch she was rich because she's wanted me to like her for her and not because she had money) on the plane I met her family she has a twin sister her mom is like my mom is 37 and her dad is 38 he doesn't like me for two reasons one I was dating his daughter and my family not rich her mom loved me and her sister was very flirty with me much to my girlfriend annoyance my sister and mom loved my girlfriend and made Fast Friends with her sister and mom my dad though was being a suck up to her dad due to him being rich during the vacation I ended up getting into a sexual relationship with my sister mom and my girlfriend sister and her mom what else is up to you

What everyone looks like and names are up to you but they have to have

The girlfriend has to have C cup breasts and a shaved pussy

The sister B cup breasts

Mom D cup breasts and a shaved pussy

The girlfriend sister C cup breasts

The girlfriend mom D cup breasts and a shaved pussy

The only people on the island is the two families

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