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The island vacation

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Guest T_B

You are 19 years old you are the older brother to twin sisters who just turned 18 you mom had you when she was 18 you're choice how old your dad is when ever your family goes on vacation your dad likes to play a game he calls hotel room shuffle he throws the 5 room keys in a bag and mixes them up then the 5 of you pick a key and that the room you stay in with one of you getting a room all to yourself this year your family is going to in island resort where the rooms are bungalows and are a few miles away from each other also your Aunt, uncle, and Cousin are coming to when you get there your dad begins his game this year your twin sisters are sharing a room and you and your mom are sharing a room not you want to seem look of Horror when your mom's face you get both your and your mom bags you get to your bungalow late at night and told your mom we should rest for the morning you noticedthat she had a uncomfortable look on her face when you ask her what wrong she tells you that with how far apart the bungalow are form each other she thought would fix to so that she and your dad so she only have some nighties that she doesn't feel comfortable wearing in front of you you tell her that it would be ok because knowing your dad the bungalow should have two bedrooms you both go into different bathrooms to change when you get out you go into a room to see your mom bags in the room you look around to find the other room but you didn't see one so you knocked on the room mom staying in when she didn't answer you assume she is  still changing so you open the door to talk to her though the bathroom door only to find your mom in the middle of the room wearing a see through baby doll nightie you can see her D cup breasts and her thong when your mom sees you she pulled the sheets off the bed to cover herself up you tell her that there only one bed so she can have the bed and I'll sleep on the couch as you turn to leave you hear your mom say since you already seen me in this we can share the bed as you two get in the bed you have a hard time falling asleep and that was making your mom not be able to get to sleep she asked what going on you embarrassing tell her that seeing her in that outfit get you horny with a blush she tells you to go to the bathroom to take care of it you tell her that you can't do it with her knowing that you are doing it because it's to embarrassing your mom tells you notone word about what she about to do she then pulls your pants down and started to give you a handjob after making you cum she says that should do it until she sees that you are still hard she decides to get you to calm down she will give you a blowjob after cumming in her mouth to her shock you was still hard wanting to get to sleep she said fuck it and told you to fuck her until you are satisfied and that was the start of your sexual vacation with your mom, twin sisters, aunt and cousin.

How you get with your twin sisters, aunt and cousin is up to you.

You mom has to have long hair and a shared pussy your choice what your twin sisters, aunt and cousin look like.

Your twin sisters have to be virgins.

Both your mom and aunt and sisters and both only have been with their husbands before having sex with you and both of them I are shocked to find out that your dick is bigger than their husbands and can last way longer.

The only guy fucking your mom, twin sisters, aunt and cousin is you if you want threesomes in the story it has to be you and any combo of your mom, twin sisters, aunt or cousin.

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