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My life as a hunter

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Guest T_B

Your mom was raped by demon after the demon cums in her she was found by a hunter who killed the demon your mom fell for him and started to date him when she found out that she was pregnant and she unfortunately knew that the father is the demon that raped her due to she wasn't comfortable having sex yet after being raped her hunter boyfriend told her that children form a human and a demon has a 50% chance to be born a human and a 50% chance of being born a demon birth to you she was happy that you were human and not a demon but a few years later when you were 8 you and your family went camping and a demon appeared your dad (your mom married the hunter and they told everyone including you that you were his daughter) was hurt trying to protecting you and your mom you get lucky and end up killing the demon afterwards you fell unconscious and your mom and your stepdad noticed that you have gained some of the demon's appearance after killing it the hunter after examining you found something that shocked him  you are half human half demon hybrid what was once thought of a human and Demon mating would produce pursues a human or demon never had there been a half human half demon hybrid before he then looked up want type of demon was your father he finds out he was a very rare type of demon for every thing that type of demon kills it absorbs it's essence since then you was told the truth about your birth and trained to be a hunter now 18 years old you have long hair D cup breasts and a shared pussy her armor that you wear is a chainmail bikini you go around hunting demons and finding beautiful women to fuck what happens is up to you.

The half human half demon hybrid girl has to be a lesbian.

One of the demons that she killed was a succubus which give her the power to go into people dreams and this is optional it also give her the power to turn her clitoris into a working dick.

There are not just humans and demons in the world there are other creatures like dragons and unicorns optional I would like to see her kill a dragon.

Optional she doesn't have to travel alone she can meet people who join her.

Not all demons are evil most are but there are a few good ones

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