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Uzumaki Beach

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During Naruto's training trip with Jiraiya Naruto finds a beach there isn't any one on the beach Jiraiya decided to train Naruto on the beach mainly so Jiraiya so watch all the beautiful women when they come but to Jiraiya's disappointment 3 months on the beach and the only people who been on the beach was him and Naruto as he and Naruto was leaving Jiraiya noticed that after Naruto got far enough away from the beach the beach just disappeared Jiraiya decided to end their trip a few months early so he can find out if his suspicion is correct that what they found was the Uzumaki Clan beach the beach is special people can only enter  or leave when they are with an Uzumaki Clan member and the Uzumaki word is law on the beach (what I mean when I say that if an Uzumaki tells someone to do something they have to no matter what it is) after failing to bring back Sasuke Naruto decided that he and his friends need to relax and he just remembered about the beach so he asked Tsunade if he and his friends go she agreed Naruto got all of his friends together to invite them to go some of them agreed to go but the others said that they are to busy the ones who are going are His girlfriend Hinata (they started dating when Naruto got back early and overhead Kiba teasing Hinata about her feelingsfor Naruto), Sakura, Sai, Ino, Tenten, Neji, and Shikamaru (the only reason he's going is because Temari was visiting and wanted to go) at the beach Naruto was shocked by seeing Hinata in a bikini due to as she was packing she showed him her one piece swimsuit she told him that Ino insisted that she gets a bikini to show off for him so much that she destroyed her one piece swimsuit and dragged Hinata to buy a bikini Naruto told her he got to thank Ino for giving him the gift of seeing Hinata in a bikini Naruto loved seeing Hinata blush so he decided to tease her by telling her that she was looks so sexy right now that he might not be able to resist trying to fuck her then to Naruto's surprise Hinata grab his hand and lead him into a cave and told him to fuck her after having just lost their virginity to each other Hinata tells Naruto that she wanted to do that for years (I know that they are 16 in this but I feel like Hinata wanted to have Naruto fuck her since their Academy days) but she wonder what got her the courage to act on it after thinking about they realize that it was because if what Naruto said they need to test it out by having Naruto tell someone on the beach to do something they would have never do Naruto thought of having Sakura and Ino give a lesbian show on the beach for everyone but Hinata said that she didn't want to embarrassed them then to Naruto surprise Hinata said how about making Sakura have sex with you (the reason she offered that is because she wants to take revenge on Sakura for how she treated Naruto when they were younger and having Naruto take Sakura's virginity instead of Sasuke my best she could think of) after that Naruto and Hinata has fun with all the women in the beach.

Naruto is the only guy having sex on the beach.

The relationships are Naruto and Hinata, Sakura with one-sided Sasuke, Ino with one sided Sai, Tenten and Neji both have feeling for the other but won't admit it, and Shikamaru and Temari both have feeling for the other but won't admit it.

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