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My ancient Egyptian girlfriend

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Your name is Jim your 18 years old your parents are archaeologists ever since you were a child you went with them to digs you are with them now in a ancient pyramid helping them you end up finding the resting place of the 18 queen your choice what her name is her parents were poisoned by a there enemies having her take the throne but not long after the enemies attacked and killed her you see a painting of her she went around topless and cloth that barely covers her hips upon seeing her beauty you got an erection and because this is your first time in a few weeks you had any time away from your parents decide to masturbate after you cum you see you got cum on the sarcophagus you want to clean it up you then noticed that it has a crack in it before you can even touch the sarcophagus the top came off and the mummy inside sat up and looked towards you and she started to come towards you as she was walking to you you tried to get out but unfortunately you find that you are stuck inside you turn ready to face death as a man you then noticed that her exposed rotting skin is changing looking until it looks like it was never rotting she removed the bandages revealing that she looks like she never died she then says "Thanks for being me back to life" when she sees that you are confused she explains that before her death she cast a spell that when she gets cum on her body she'll come back to life when you ask her how you can speak perfect English sex planes she explains it's a side effect of the spell that she instantly learn the language of her future husband shocking you then before you can react she takes off her the cloth that barely covers her hips getting completely naked then kisses you unable control yourself you start feeling her up you notice her skin is a soft as a newborn baby when you start to fuck her you discovered that she was a virgin after fucking her she talks about how your going to be a good king of Egypt you ask her how long do she's thinks it been she says a few days until you shock her by revealing to her how many years it's been you sneak her out of the pyramid without your parents nothing and gets her some modern clothes after that you left her somewhere so she can learn what she missed out on you tell you'll be back after telling your parents that you are doing for today after getting back you tell your parents you are going back to the hotel with them not ever expecting a thing you get back to her as fast as you can you find her in a sad state but see that upon seeing you she gets happy she then asked if she can stay with you as she doesn't have a home anymore upon getting to your room you start to think about away to convince your parents to let a stranger come back you with out telling them that she was the ancient mummy that you guys were looking for but you didn't get to think long before were pushed on to the bed by the naked ancient Egyptian queen wanting to have more sex as you was fucking her your door unlocked and your mom walked in saying that "Some grave robbers already" but stopped there seeing that you are fucking a girl she says "Sorry come find us when you are done" then leaves after finishing you both go meet up with your parents who tell you that some grave robbers took the mummy before we got there so we'll be going home tonight and the ancient Queen asked "Where are we going" after your parents asked her a few questions when they found out that she has no family or even a place to live they decided to let her come when you get home your mom takes her shopping when they get back she shows you the sexy clothes that she got which was mostly tight tops mini skirts and thongs that night which she kept insisting she asleep with you (which your parents only agree to because you two already had sex) she gets into your naked (she lives to sleep naked) you see that she shared her pussy and she told you that she wants a good night fuck making you wonder how was she a virgin when she died with how much love sex (you find out that she was saving herself for her future husband) in the middle you see that your mom is making breakfast and your dad have left to give the report to their boss not looking after breakfast was done the ancient Egyptian queen comes into the kitchen naked pulls down your pants and asks you to fuck her while we eat breakfast then before you can answer she starts to ride your dick while she starts to eat some times she'll turn to feed you not even notice the horrified face you're making due to her having you fuck her in front of your mom your mom not happy with what she doing tries to stop her but you hear say "What did you want a turn with the future kings dick" afterwards gets off and tells your mom to take her turn your mom disgusted yells at her you see that she was not happy you and your mom hear her say a spell you then sees that your mom is looking at you funny before you can ask her what she did your mom gets on her knees and started to suck your dick you hear the ancient Egyptian queen say something about that looking fun after your mom makes you cum she drags you to her bedroom where she has you fuck her you go find out what she did to your mom she tells you that she didn't want any of your future harem to argue with her after you asked her what harem she reveals to you that she plans to make a new Kingdom with you as king and her as Queen with a harem of women for the two of you your choice what happens next and who she decides who gets into the harem.

Jim is the only one who fucks the ancient Egyptian queen and women she adds to the harem the ancient Egyptian queen can have lesbian sex with anyone she adds to the harem.

The ancient Egyptian queen name is up to you and what she looks like is up to you but she has to have D cup breasts and long hair.

Your choice what you parents look like and age but the mom has to be a milf.

The women who are added to the harem can be single dating someone who married but if they are dating someone who married after she gets added she stops having sex with her boyfriend or husband and only have sex with Jim and or the ancient Egyptian queen.

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