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Harry the Futa dominator.

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Hey everyone I've seen a lot of stories where Harry is dominated and or forcibly taken by a futa but I've only seen two stories where he dominates the futa. Can someone make a story with a couple chapters where Harry dominates a futa or two, Maybe Harry can have a big cock and the futa’s have a small one or even better Harry has a small penis and the futa’s have big ones and he still dominates them.

Things I would like to see.

Harry pushing a futa up against a wall and forcibly jerking them off.

Harry tying a futa up and teasing them.

Orgasm denial.


Harry using the futas as dildos for his ass.

Harry forcing a futa to watch him use another futas cock as a dildo.

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Guest 123

I would love to read something like this. Can anyone please provide the link for something similar attempted or the two stories mentioned in the challenge?

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