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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 8/3/08

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Guest Jaxxy

Today's news has been a long time in the making. It's also a
important read for anyone who likes to be in the know about the site's doings -- especially you hardcore users, for whom the world just wouldn't be the same without At any rate, it's been a while, so I'd like to take a moment here and touch base with you on a number of things.

Happily, our
page is now current in every way, so go ahead and take a peek. Also, it is advised that you check out our
, which we hope you will find much more simple, accessible, and agreeable than the old. Either one of these pages can now be found via the Archive's global navigation bar.

We'd also like to announce that we've still got room to
, too. The most affordable plan is only $20.00 US per banner slot, per month -- but, very soon, our availability may very well change.

Mind you, it is our wish to continue to enjoy mutual support exclusively within fiction (and related) communities. However, if we cannot fulfil the site's monetary obligations in this way, circumstance dictates that we open our doors to other types of Advertisers as well. That'd be a pity; we've always made a point of denying advertisements that mightn't pique the interests of our Members, because we believe that this practice makes for a more pleasant experience. Yet, "branching out" may be something we will be forced to consider.

There is good reason for this. Hopefully, you've noticed that AFF is undergoing an across-the-board re-organization that leaves no cyber-stone unturned. The fruits of our labor have allowed our programming to support far more usage than ever before. The results? Since the middle of May, 2008, we've been receiving over 1,000,000 unique visitors who view well over 100,000,000 pages --
each month

Our growth is beyond exciting -- we couldn't be happier! But, as our community grows, so do the site's accountabilities.

Beyond the combined financial burdens of hosting, software, and technical maintenance, we must now secure AFF on the business and legal fronts as well. These things cost real money -- luckily, we Archivists are dedicated to's cause more than ever.

But this post is manifold. The overall idea of what we're doing to accommodate all these users --
continually honing our policies, navigation, databases, financial options, and programming -- is to rid the site of any "deadweight" that has slowed us down for years. Not only does this require the removal of non-Story items from the Archive -- which we
whole-heartedly welcome on our very enjoyable
-- but also, the deletion of inactive advertising accounts.

We apologize for any difficulty these unavoidable adjustments cause. Please, contact us
with any concerns about specific Archive deletions -- general information on the issue can be found in our new

By all means, write to us
if you'd like to discuss re-activating your defunct advertising campaign -- for your general information, we have provided the
page, which can be found via the Archive's navigation bar (under the "Advertising" tab).

By the bye, we probably don't need to tell you what 100,000,000 monthly page views means for
, but being as you and I are already talking, we will! Simply: In trade for an
small contribution, the banners you maintain with us will be seen by
, several million times each month.

very much
wish to promote literature lovers of all budgets -- this is why we struggle to keep our per-slot rates non-prohibitive, and our slots open for these communities
. So, all you web-masters and -mistresses out there -- don't just drop a twenty in
when, for the
same amount of money
, we could be showing you off! In this way, we believe our common love for creativity will spread

If you have no website to show, we beseech you to do your part
. Your contributions are

Bluntly speaking, the visions of's Community -- and many of the other communities with which it is so closely intertwined -- can
be realized without everyone's cooperation.
We need your help
if this important icon of Freedom of Expression on the Internet, and its nearly six-years-old Archive, is to be preserved.

My gratitude -- and heartfelt wishes of harmony, prosperity, and joy -- are yours.


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