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A Veela & her puppy

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Guest Forgotten_Prophecy

Fem!Harry is attacked & bitten by Fenrir Greyback in the Graveyard as a “gift” to him from Voldemort for his continued loyal service, aware of how the Wizarding World treats Werewolves she panics and refuses to tell anyone of what happened to her, with only Madam Pomfrey aware of her bite due to her role as nurse & the being one of the few adults Femharry actually trusts, as such she prescribes several large books for her read to learn about her new way of life.

during summer break at privet drive, FemHarry begins going into heat and recognises that unless she can find a mate she will eventually lose her mind (temporarily) and attempt to fuck the first person she sees capable of giving her pups, terrified Vernon or even Dudley might attempt something with her, she writes to the only non-human she knows of that is forced to deal with stuff like this almost daily, Fleur Delacour

to her surprise, less then 2 days later Fleur shows up at privet drive in person and after seeing how bad her sister’s savior is suffering immediately packs her things and drags her back to france with her, at the Delacour Home FemHarry tells Fleur the truth of what is happening and how she needs help to control it before she loses her mind or her virginity., both of which she treasures, oblivious to the fact that her Werewolf pheromones are intermingling with Fleurs Veela Allure and are currently teasing the Veela to a very slow orgasm

Fleur agrees to help her & immediately takes on a dominant role that has the unexpected side effect of FemHarry to begin viewing her as her own Alpha

from there i leave it up to the writer, but things i would like to see are

- Submissive FemHarry (BDSM, Forced Nudity, Pet Collars, Being called Puppy and not her real name all the time, Forced to sleep in a Doggy Bed)

- Dominant Fleur (Gets off on ordering her around, Heavily Attracted to FemHarry, Highly Possessive of Her, Considering making it into an actual relationship)

- No Scat, Waterplay or Torture Play, am fine with Public Nudity and humiliation scenes (FemHarry’s face must be covered or disguised during so no one knows)

- Proud Daddy!Sirius (Upon learning his God Daughters is missing he calls for Dobby who informs him that FemHarry is with her Veela Girfriend and not in danger)

- Order of the Head-less Chickens (Comic Side-story, No one in the Order of Phoenix knows where FemHarry is or how to track her and immediately fall into a panic, all watched & recorded by a highly amused Sirius who refuses to allow them to ruin his God-Daughters chance at happiness with someone she cares about)


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