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Guest T_B

The family trip

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Guest T_B

You are Jack the youngest child you are 18 you have twin older sisters they are 19 your when they both don't have a boyfriend they always have sex with each other you know this because you caught them and since then always watch them when ever you could you also watch your mom when she in the shower, changing her clothes, when she masturbates, or when she and your dad have sex which thanks to his job is rare when your family gets to where they are going on vacation your sisters get a room next to your parents room with your room on the other side of your parents room on the first night of the trip you hear your parents arguing not wanting to hear it you grab your fake ID to get in a bar after a hour you hear your mom voice you look over and see her in a sexy dress with a stranger with her hand on his crotch saying that she never felt such a huge dick and that's she wants to see it she then takes him to the alleyway then starts to blow him after that the guy says that he wants to fuck her but she said that she doesn't have time tonight but she might tomorrow night then she leaves the next night you see your dad leave after a few minutes you go to your mom room you find your mom wearing another sexy dress you ask her whatwith the dress she's says that she and your dad have a date that she needs to get ready for but before she could say anything else you say oh you are not going to fuck that guy you give a blowjob to yesterday after that you shocked your mom with that she begs you not to tell your dad you agree but on a few conditions one she can't meet up with any guys and two she has to let you fuck her whenever you want after she tried to get you to change your conditions and after seeing you not even consider it agree she goes to your room and takes off the dress showing you her sexy lingerie  she then takes off your pants and is shocked by seeing your dick you hear her mumble and I thought that guy's dick was huge.

Jack finds out the reason his parents were arguing was because your mom wanted to use this trip to fuck your dad but he said that his job sent him here and was allowed to bring his family so if he finishes his work before the trip ends he can spend time with them but he finishes on the second to last day of the month-long trip and you mom decided to have an affair during the trip so she can at least get fucked and even mentioned her first time attempt to have an affair turn so much better than she thought it would be all because of you.

What you and your family looks like are up to you but you mom has to have long hair Done cup breasts and a shaved pussy.

Here some back story on his sisters at the age of 17 one of them thought she might be a lesbian the other sister found out and decided to test her the only way she thought of with her body they both enjoyedit so much that they decided that when they both don't have a boyfriend they will fuck each other after a year of them being on again off again fuck buddies they both decided that they wanted to have a real relationship with each other.

Optional Jack can fuck them in a three way or a four way.

The mom is only allowed to fuck Jack.

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