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This story takes place during the post game

Sara is in a committed relationship with Peebee

Sara found out that she was given property on Meridian so she and Peebee goes to see it they find that Sara's property is a private beach and that the house isn't made yet  Sara deside to invite her friends and brother to have a beach day  Sara, and Suvi wears a bikini Peebee, Lexi, and Cora wears a very revealing Asari style bikini the what the other characters are wearing is up to you the other characters are besides the crew are Scott, Sid and anybody else is up to you while on the beach Peebee and Sara sneaks off to have sex when they get back to the Tempest Sara find a email from Jill  saying that it's time for you to make some babies so Sara and Peebee goes to her to tell her about their relationship only problem when they get there they find out she wasn't talking about human babies because Sara saved the Ark Leusinia alot of Asari wants her to be the father of their child and Jill going to make Sara agree one way or another because that's her job after hours and hours of Jill bugging them Sara and Peebee end up agreeing to it Sara tells Peebee that she was hoping that the only children that she was going to make were going to be her and Peebee's with Peebee agreeing Sara also tells Peebee that she wants Peebee to have her child first if Peebee thinks she ready for a child Peebee tells Sara that she wants to but doesn't think she ready to have a baby yet as Sara was looking at the names of all the Asari that she going to meet and impregnate she sees some names she recognize Elonis Atandra, either Sarissa Theris or Vederia Damali (Sarissa is doing it because Sara kept her Secret and Vederia is doing it to thank Sara for helping the Asari and for showing her how a Pathfinder should be) and Kalinda T'Reve Sara went to show Peebee Kalinda's on the list when Peebee finds out Kalinda on the list she says something like "that bitch she's doing this to piss me off she'll never stop saying that your girlfriend got me pregnant before you"  Peebee then takes Sara to bed and says I'm not going let her do that I'm going to have your child first Sara says that she happy to get Peebee pregnant but what about not being ready only for Peebee to say that she was just scared when It was time for Sara to get Kalinda pregnant she asked if Pelessaria is pregnant and reveals that was her plan all along she knew Pelessaria would be scared about getting pregnant due to how she treated her when they were in a relationship when Sara asked does that mean I don't have to impregnate her only for Kalinda said something like "no you have to because it would piss off Pelessaria and I love pissing her off" any other named Asari  is up to you but there has to be some OC Asari too anything else is up to you.

Sara can only have sex with Asari and Peebee can only have sex with Sara.

I would like it if Sara and Peebee had a sex scene after every couple of chapters due to their relationship.

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