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Guest Forgotten_Prophecy

Reversed Reincarnation

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Guest Forgotten_Prophecy

been reading a fair few crossover fics recently where Naruto is always reincarnated into various worlds after Kyuubi sacrifices itself to save him which got me thinking about a possibility, what if Naruto sacrifices himself to save the Kyuubi instead?

Fem!Kyuubi (Personal Preference) is saved from being sealed into the newly reformed 10-tails at the last second by Naruto who uses an experimental Seal based on the Reaper Death Seal in attempt to stop Madara/Obito only to end up killing everyone on the battlefield instead with the Shinigami taking their souls.

due to the nature of the Jinchuuriki Seal holding Kyuubi though, Shinigami appears in the mindscape only to be confronted by Naruto who, upon realizing the full effect of what he has just done, makes a deal for the last friend he has left alive (Kyuubi) to be spared from eternal damnation in the Shinigami’s Stomach alongside all the others

As such Shinigami takes Kyuubi’s Soul and sends it out into the Mutliverse to be reincarnated as newborn child, unaware the Goddess of Fate & Destiny has decided to alter her plans to counteract all the meddling mortals who believe they know better then she does & with the True God of Death’s blessing she begins her plan with the first reincarnation, Rosalind Aquarius Potter-Black The-Girl-Who-lived.

Kyuubi does not start all uber powerful, as the reincarnation only includes the soul, her massive energy reserves will take time to replenish so no god-mode level stuff from the get go furthermore she will either grow into her kitsune features or unlock them through various methods (i.e Animagus Potion etc), she will however retain the heightened senses, supernatural beauty, absurd Luck and the infamous kitsune illusions abilities, up to writers choice if she can use Fox-Fire or not

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