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Guest T_B

You are a 19 years old you have a 20 year old sister your mom had her when she was 18 your choice how old your dad is you parents are very happy together your mom is a milf she has Done cup breasts and long hair your sister has C cup breasts and long hair and a shaved pussy (you know because you recently accidentally walked in on her as she took a shower) your sister love to show off her body when out of the house she wears skimpy outfits but in the house she usually just in her bra and thong and your mom usually wears modest clothes one day you got very horny but unfortunately you currently don't have a girlfriend so you decided to go onto a dating site the site you choice is called you made a profile and sent some sex requests to some of the women who had sexy bodies (a majority of people on the site doesn't show faces) after a few hours with no luck you deside to try again later and a few minutes later you get a email from the site saying that you have a notification you log back on and see like you she just made her profile a few minutes ago her profile picture is her with out her head and in her underwear her message said that she looks your profile picture which is a naked picture of you with out your head and showing your hard dick and that she's a lonely housewife and it's not guaranteed if she'll meet you but willing to let you try to convince her and she sent you a picture of her like her profile picture it doesn't have her head but in it she naked she has big boobs a sexy figure and a shaved pussy you start taking to her over the week exchanging pictures but never revolving both of your faces you told her about you and she told you stuff about her like how she loves her husband and never even thought of cheating on him but with him being so busy with work they haven't had sex in over three years she has two kids a son and a daughter after jokingly asking if she was as hot as her mother if so you'll have to try to get them in a threesome  her reply shocked you she said she is almost as hot as me but she has a boyfriend but if you're as good in bed as you claim I'll try to convince her you ask when can you meet she told you that she wants to meet up tomorrow when you get up you go get a hotel room and tell her the room number and let her choose the time you get there a few minutes early to get the room ready when you open the door for her you are shocked to see your mom in a sexy dress and by her face she is shocked to she said that this was a mistake and tries to leave but you grab her and pull her in after talking for a few minutes you remind her that she said when she messaged you to if you can convince her into fucking you she'll let you she agrees but says only this one time started to take off her dress showing you she has on some sexy lingerie begin kissing you then pulls your pants down and is after seeing your dick in real life let's it slip that she never seen a dick as big as yours after cumming inside your mom  she said she changed her mind about that being the only time which begins your sexual life with your mom at home your been lucky that you and her where not caught the only time you two where almost caught was when you your mom and sister went to the mall your mom and sister went to get underwear your mom text you some pictures of her in a bra a thong saying it's my frist thong what do you think your response was to sneak back to the changing rooms and fuck her after a few weeks your mom tells you to get the hotel again for a surprise when she gets there you hear on the other side of the door your sister asking why her lover wants a mother/daughter threesome and if he's as good as she says the rest is up to you.

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