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naruto slave to sister

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Guest kimmy

Naruto still has the fox , sister dose not have fox

female elder comes up with a plan so that females have more power in the leaf by talking to the 3rd to give her the sister and gives her to a friend that will teach her to domination males

Naruto lives his life until he is grabed out of the orphanage at age 6 and given to his sister

sister takes him in and give the boy food and tells him she will be with him forever if he become her slave

the 3rd is never near him as he is to busy with being hokage and takeing care of his family because after the frist two years Naruto was not treated bad and was beaning taken care of like any other kid because the female elder telled the staff that he was the kyuubi in human from with no memory so they should make sure he submits to them so that when he is older they can do what they want so after the 2 years he pulls the anbu back because there was no need for it

in the orphanage Naruto was made to submit to everyone in the orphanage to get food and to learn slave skills because the female elder made sure that only females run the orphanage so that her plans will have the attack dog when he gets given to his sister that he dose not know is his sister

after that u can chose how the story go’s like having her go to sasuke and break him to her will or go after females as well

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