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Guest Gin

Percy Jackson and the hunt

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Guest Gin

Percy becomes the sex toys to the female of Greek pantheon

heres is my idea of how the challenge might go. The challenge is a hunter storie that must have three thing:

  1. Cfnm with that being how the Percy is kept by the hunt when it's just them and Percy 
  1. F+/m  The female of the Greek pantheon use Percy
  2. for takeing the male Percy into the hunter Artemis must get her own copy of Juno’s hotsprings that she uses to restore her viginity each year. But with Artemis wanting to use it so she can use it to recruite girls she gets to to late.

Ifyou can can you try to make the story some what hurt/comfort 


After World War Two instead of swearing to not have more kids the big three decide that all of there daughters will become hunters of Artemis  and they allow there sons  to swear a simallr oath to work for there father. For the many years this works out fine until Poseidon has Percy.poseidon is in more of a political marriage to keep the peace under the sea so his wife has a bit more power then the other two wife's of the big three. so when Percy is almost sixteen. They have to work out what to do with him quickly . Eventually it is suggested that Percy be sent to the hunt. Artemis agrees that Percy can join the hunt but only if the gods give her a hotspring that restore virginity like the one Juno use every year so she can regime it to Zeus that she has been asking for for many years to help,the girls she doesn't save fast enough.wanting to avoid the great prophecy the gods agree to it.and Percy is added to the hunt but in a way that he can only leave if he loses his life in battle.

when Percy is sent to the hunt the hunters strip him completely naked to make sure he is not trying to smuggle anything into camp.after wards they don't give him back his clothes they keep him naked until next time they have to visit came half blood.

the great prophecy happens any way but the hunt is still stuck with Percy became his oath only allowed him to leave the hunt if he dies in battle. The hunter don't like this but they learn to live with it.

years late artemis is haveing a female ln only party at her temple when the minor goddesses  and nymphs who are bitter about how the gods use them at there party's decide to take it out of Percy. Percy is held down while each of the goddesses and nymphs usess him for sex  one after the other. They don't have to wait for him to recover in between orgasm the love goddesses  take care of that. After haveing sex with Percy each goddess and nymph has a soak in Artemis hotspring that she got for takeing Percy into the hunt. It goes on till the only ones to have not had sex with Percy are artemis ,Hestia and the hunters. The hunters leave to go soak in the spring with the ones that had taken there turn useing Percy. Once they have all had ther turn they leave the broken and used Percy laying in the puddle that was made under him as they used him.artemis joins the others in the hotsprings. Hestia then gently picks Percy up and carries him into the springs. The first night as Percy is held by Hestia in the hotsprings he cries.

percy becomes a regular sex toy at the female only party's Over the next hundred years with him slowly going mute like the captain from hellsing. Even the hunters eventually join in useing Percy  reswear is the next day before they leave the artemis temple

Hestia after each party pick up the broken and used Percy and carries him into the hotsprings with the hunters eventually helping Hestia by takeing turns holding him in there lap in the hotsprings as they do there work. Eventually getting into the habit of takes him off to the Giants bed they all sleep on I'm the temple. 

Eventually the gods make peace with the female Titans and at the female only party Percy is used as a sex toy like what has become routine. But instead of staying till the end to carry Percy into the hotsprings like they normally do Hestia and artemis go and spend time with there titian mothers.

percy is left alone and forgotten with no one to carry him threw the Barrier that only lets females into the hotsprings.percy haveing never been keyed into it because he has alway been carried threw it.

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Guest guest


any stories were Percy is treated like this if he is some how forced to join the hunt?

Cfnm with the hunter not trusting him to do anything :

no cooking because he might poison there food .

no washing there clothes because he might do something perverted with them.

No weapons maintenance because he is a boy and therefore incompetent.

mabye have it that Annabeth and Thalia joined the hunt so that grover could take Luke safely to camp so Thalia didn't Become a tree.

have the  Hunt torment Percy takeing there hatred of all men out on him until they brake him only for it to not make them feel good the way they thought it would.

Haveing the hunt make Percy do things like masturbait Infront of  all of them while under a type of orgasm denial magic that makes it so he need permission from one of them to Orgasm and the hunt makeing him beg and degraded himself so they will let him cum.

not giveing him weapons incase he decides to attack them only for it go wrong and him get badly injured when saving one of them from a monster.

no shoes so his feet get hurt trying to keep up with the hunt.

no tent makeing him sleep in the common area even when in the winter leading to him getting sick.

not feeding him enough because he doesn't do anything to help around camp even though they are the ones that don't let him do anything to help because they don't trust him.

mabye have the newer hunter start to realise what they are doing to Percy is wrong just because he is a boy dosn't mean he is like the boys that hurt them and then have them slowly start to treat him better only for him to not trust them because he thinks they are playing another trick on him.

mabye have nemesis be behinde it. Because Artemis and the hunt caused the death of one of her sons. So she manipulates it so Percy is given to the hunt knowing that they would treat Percy the way do only to hold up a metaphorical mirror to the hunt showing that by treating Percy they have they have become like the men they hate leading to the hunt haveing an emotional breakdown.Because Percy  was just an innocent victim that Nemesis used as a tool to get her revenge on Artemis.

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