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Jungle Drums answers replies for The New Breed

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I am very eager to respond to people’s comments on my fic. I had this idea sitting around in my head for over a year, and I literally put everything else I’m working on on hold so I can purge it from my system.

Author: Jungle_Drums (myself obviously)
Title: The New Breed
Summary: Team 8 open up a secret vault, expecting to find treasure. Instead Hinata gets a face full of alien wing wong by a mutant facehugger. Said facehugger instead of just implanting her with an Alien embryo, came equipped with a new evolutionary advantage that could make the Xenomorphs reproductive process a lot more efficient (and wreck biological havok on the ninjas). Its a battle between the ninjas and the Xenos for the soul of Hinata, and the survival of the human race.

I intend this more as a straight horror story with some elements of fetish to drive the narrative, because why not?

Feedback: I’ve gotten a couple of comments and want to hear more of what I’m doing right, and what I can approve upon.
Fandom: Naruto and Alien crossover
Pairing: Let’s keep it simple and just say Hinata x everyone :D
Warnings: Being xenomorphs there is implied rape, and I plan on there being more. Oh and every female character that gets infected goes aggressively yuri. Without spoiling too much, you can expect some body horror and the threat of transformation in the future.

Solo story or chaptered story: Definitely chaptered.


I know what I’ve posted already is a bit rough, and I’ve been going back and fixing mispellings here and there. This is my first time actually posting a story to the site, so I apologize in advance if I’ve overstepped any boundaries, I don’t quite know all the ins and outs yet, though I’ve been skimming the forums to get a good idea.

Thus far I’m focused more on drama and emotional turmoil of the characters. Action has been a little tricky to make work, I want to keep things reasonably balanced in the upcoming war. I take a realistic look at the xenos abilities then compare them to the ninjas, who’ve never battled a foe quite like this. I figure in the BEGINNING, they’d be unprepared, but as time goes on the ninja will adapt and even turn the tide on the xenomorphs. This in turn will force the xenomorphs to rely on dirty and underhanded tactics. One commenter already showed concern that the mutant facehugger might have been too powerful. I want to justify that by saying that this “black widow” facehugger is meant to be an evolved form, a mutation that will pave the way to faster, smarter, stronger xenos, but within a reasonable limit. They’re still plenty kill-able as their “lesser” counterparts. What makes The New Breed special, well...I don’t want to spoil it just yet, though you might figure it out on your own.

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