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Naruto has a good life loving parents (Kushina and Minato are alive and Naruto has all of Kurama) a loving and very sexy girlfriend (he and Hinata started dating after the academy) and only a few people knows he’s a Jinchūriki (the ones who know are Naruto, Kushina, Minato, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata Shizune found out but Tsunade and Hinata was told by Naruto when they started dating) that all changed one day when after sex Hinata asked why he's not cumming as much lately Naruto regrettably tells the story why it starts a few weeks ago after coming home after a mission only to find a very drunk Kushina and Kushina tells Naruto that the reason she started drinking was because she is lonely (due to Minato busy being the Hokage he can’t due his duty to his wife)  she goes on to saying that she is unattractive and that no man would want her at that point Naruto tells her that she is sexy but Kushina doesn’t believe him and demands that he proves it which leads to Kushina doing a striptease/lap dance for Naruto after her striptease/lap dance Kushina finds Naruto’s hard dick and to thank him for proving she is sexy she gives him a handjob but unfortunately she forgot all that happened the previous night which leads to it to keep happening again and again which got Naruto to his current spot with his mother which involves Kushina doing a striptease/lap dance and to thank him for proving she is sexy she gives him a blowjob and then Naruto eating Kushina’s pussy to make her feel good to Hinata not believing that Kushina would do that stays the night at Naruto's to see for herself she sees the drunken Kushina her saying she’s unattractive Kushina giving Naruto a striptease/lap dance and a blowjob after Naruto cums down his mother throat Kushina climbs onto Naruto‘s lap and tells him she needs him as Naruto was trying to find a way to stop his mother form having sex with him he looks to Hinata for help only to see her masterbating and tells him to fuck his mother after cumming inside Kushina and putting her clothes back on her and put in her bed Naruto goes to his room to find out why Hinata didn’t help him only to get attacked by a horny Hinata who dragged him to bed for sex after they fuck Hinata tells Naruto that she thinks he should seduce Kushina not only to stop her drinking and to make her happy but also they can have a threeway.


Naruto and Hinata are 16 in this story only ever been with each other until Kushina also got fucked by Naruto.

Hinata and Kushina both have shaved pussys.

how Naruto seduces Kushina is up to you.

Hinata has D cup breasts and Kushina has C cup breasts.

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