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Hinata and the Sex Note

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Guest Draynuy

For this challenge, the graduation age of the ninja academy is sixteen, Hanabi is the fraternal twin of Hinata and finaly Hinata is bisexual but the only male for her is Naruto.

At the beginning of her last year at the academy, Hinata find (or is given) a notebook crudely nammed “The Sex Note” with, as first page, a manual saying that:

- All sexual fantasies and all phantasm written in this book will become reallity, and that in the greater intimacy possible, unless specified otherwise;

- That all “victims”, apart the user, will enter a dream-like-state to act the fantasy and that they will only remember the moment like it was a dream

- That the only constrainte is that the user must either be an actress in the phantasm or must see the action one manner or another.

- Finaly that repeted uses of the "Sex Note" can influence the comportement of the victims and of the user. 

Embarrassed, but nevertheless intrigued, Hinata hide the notebook for several days until her curiosity gains the better of herself and she try it to obtain a moment of love and intimacy with her own sister. After seeing and enjoying that the “Sex Note” is the real deal, Hinata quickly begins to plan several session with Naruto but also with other girls.


Other detail:

Naruto quickly falls in love with Hinata because of her frequent use of the note

In an act of vengeance, Hinata makes that Sasuke learns the oïroke no jutsu and has sex with Naruto as a female named Satsuki. That day Hinata discovers she loves seeing Naruto having sex with other girls. She also decides that each time Sasuke is particulary nasty toward herself or Naruto, Satsuki will appear to excuse herself in place of her evil twin.

After having organised a threesome between herself, Naruto and Hanabi; Hinata decides that she love threesome as much as having Naruto for herself or watching him with another girl.

Hinata’s goal gradualy becomes to make of Naruto a Harem's King with herself as Queen.

She makes that Ino and Sakura become lesbians toward each other.

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