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Worm, powers a plenty along with SI's.

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As QQ Forums has smut for Worm along with AO3 and even has one or two. Really it is kinda shocking that this site doesn't seem to have a single one. Besides this very brief and incomplete information I would go to the Wiki to look up more. Also Space Battles has a ton of information as well on feats.

All links take you directly to where you need to go, so no searching around for stuff. Also most of the story takes place or centers around people that live in Brockton Bay.

Amelia Claire Lavere, adopted name is Amy Dallon, AKA Panacea. 16 years old, her father is Marquis a super villain that is locked up who can control his own bones and the bones of others as long as it's not inside their bodies. Amy herself has total control of a person’s biology once in contant with their skin. This also extends to animals/insects. She can make remake them, bodies and minds, however she wants though she is afraid of doing anything with the mind. She is in love/lust with her adopted sister Vicky. Mousy with frizzy brown hair and freckles. Gay.

Victoria (Goes by Vicky) Dallon 16, aka Glory Girl. She can fly, super strong, has a shield to protect from damage and a aura that can cause fear/awe in those around her that she doesn't control well. Her shield can be brought down and leave her in trouble. Tall platinum blonde young woman. Straight.

The two above are part of a super hero group known as New Wave, adopted siblings though didn't know that for awhile. New Wave doesn't wear masks as they believe in accountability. New Wave is a family based group with six more people or so in it.

Taylor Anne Hebert 15, aka Skitter/Khepri. She can as Skitter control insects of over 6 city blocks. As Khepri she can control anything in her range in a absolute way, not via their minds though. They can still think and feel but the body is under her complete control. She also can multitask to an insane degree such as controlling every insect in that range on an individual level and use their senses though it is fuzzy and erratic. Tall, rail-thin, pale, young woman with long, curly black hair and glasses. Straight.

Born Sarah Livsey 17, goes by Lisa Wilbourn, aka Tattletale. Has what amounts to super intuition, think Sherlock Holmes but super charged. As such she is fairly asexual because of so much information ruining things. Likes to prove she is the smartest in the room and can at times run her mouth to much, her powers also can go on tangents down the wrong route so she isn’t always right. Pretty with dark blonde hair, freckles, and "bottle-glass green" eyes. Asexual.

Aisha Laborn 13, aka Imp. Can cause people to utterly forget she is there, to not even perceive her if she walks up to them and yells in their faces. Little sister to Brian (Grue). A Beautiful black teenager with high cheekbones, a long neck, impressive assets and a blonde streak in her hair. Straight.

Brian Laborn 17, aka Grue. Expels darkness from his body that you can't see through, dampens sounds greatly along with radio waves. He can function normally inside of it. African-American teenager, physically mature for his age, with a muscular frame, and a lantern jaw. Straight.

Rachel Lindt 16, aka Bitch but the PRT call her Hellhound for PC reasons. Can cause dogs to undergo a transformation into a car sized canine monster with massive muscles. Has trouble with social interactions and gets dogs far more than humans. Squarish, blunt-featured face with thick eyebrows, auburn hair, and a muscular build being naturally inclined to fitness. Straight.

Jean-Paul also known as Alec to everyone since running away from his father is 15, aka Regent though for a time before that went by Hijack. Can cause twitches in muscles right away but given time can gain complete control of a victims body. Doesn't get emotions well because of how he was raised so is very amoral. Bisexual. More pretty than handsome, though undeniably attractive. Lanky, with European descent and black curly hair. Bisexual.

Sabah 20, aka Parian. Joins a lot later and can control fabrics with massive control. Can't get the weight to high or losses that control. Stands just over five feet tall and is of obvious Middle-Eastern descent, with dark skin, full lips, and large, dark eyes. Gay.

Those seven above are part of a villain group known as the Undersiders. Let us just go with them robbing places and leave everything else out as it's a bit to long and complicated to type here. There are some others that can technically be called Undersiders but they are either later or I simply do not like them.

Nikos Vasil 40's, aka Heartbreaker. Can control and manipulate the emotions of those around him and used that to create a not only a harem but body guards. Tall man with a lanky, muscular physique, long black hair, and a goatee.

Cherie Vasil 18, Cherish. Can detect and control emotions over an entire city. Amoral and has no problems using her abilities as she wants to. Part of the Slaughterhouse 9 for a time. Dark hair with a red streak through it, like her brother she was thin and rather attractive

Thomas Calvert, aka Coil. Can perceive two different timelines at the same time and choose which one will happen. Example would be he has his men rob a store in one timeline and if it goes bad he drops it to his safe timeline where he is sitting in his base with no one knowing what just happened. He will do whatever he needs to for power. He can split the timeline whenever he wants. Skeletally thin man, taller than Grue.

Nicholas, aka Gray boy. Can form time loops, he uses this to torture people for eternity and has said the loops will continue well after the sun has gone out. Prepubescent in appearance, older than ten but younger than fourteen, with neatly parted hair and a private school uniform complete with glossy black shoes. His voice is high and clear.

Contessa late 30's. Has the Path to Victory power. If she asks for example the path to kill something it will give her step by step instructions if it is at all possible, even if those steps are in the billions. Attractive woman of Italian descent with slightly longer than shoulder-length black hair between wavy and curly.

As one final note there are Monster Capes, officially known as Capes 53's. They look inhuman, anything you can imagine they can pretty much be as long as they aren't to large. The best known Case 53 is Weld who is now made of metal and can absorb metal when it touches him, he was very lucky for his appearance. 53's also generally have a difficult time controlling their powers if they can control them at all.

There are many more capes with a vast array of powers than what I just posted above. Also Worm CYOA's, which you can find the links to below, are a very well known thing to use and can be found all over. It is also a popular thing to do a Self Insert for Worm in a multitude of ways, and as there are other Earth's shown/mentioned in the story you have the entire multiverse at your fingertips to write about without going out of the way to break the setting in a way that makes it unreadable.

Honestly just read up on The Wards and Protectorate, The Undersiders, Coil, ABB, Merchants, E88, Cauldron, Slaughterhouse 9. Just those things will give you a great deal of information and how things can be. It may seem like a lot but honestly it will only take thirty minutes or so when using the wiki. Ah yes, one quick thing. Thinkers (Like Tattletale) can only use their powers so much before getting a horrible migraine from overuse.

Also a lot of stories have Taylor with other peoples powers, or just outright taken from other media such as DC or Marvel.


Now knowing all of that here are my challenges/ideas for some people mentioned above. Here are the CYOA's different versions of it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Skitter controlling insects to tease people. Spiders (shudder) crawling over sensitive areas and the like without the person knowing someone who is controlling them. Have to give her the ability to sense a lot better with her insects but that is fine.

Skitter with enhanced senses with insects spies on people masturbating and having sex while masturbating.

Skitter with the powers of Coil instead of her own. She uses it to go to sex parties, and to get into other girls panties. After finding the perfect lines to get them to have sex with her she does so, closes that timeline, then at any point in the future reopens it to do it again. With that she eventually becomes the best lover possible for her partners even though to them it is their first time together.

Cherish not joining the Slaughterhouse 9 and instead going to Brockton Bay (That is where the story mostly takes place) and takes a shin to Taylor. She emotionally messes with those who are bullying Taylor, and gets her to love her. As she is pretty damn amoral she also goes for others in a female harem setting.

Panacea using her powers to tweak Glory Girl, her adopted sister, to want her and the two have sex. Perhaps futa is involved or as she can control so much even fisting before healing Glory Girl up to be very tight right after.

Panacea created a tentacle monster for self pleasure. She uses it then destroys it to keep what she does secret. To her it is a sex toy of epic proportions.

Panacea creating a duplicate, physically speaking, of females around her for sex toys. Her sister, her mom, Taylor, and so on. They don't have minds or wills of their owns. Just very realistic sex dolls that she controls.

Parian uses her fabrics for masturbation telekinetically. A fabric based silk dildo, she can uses it for foreplay and to tease her lovers.

Imp walking into peoples rooms to watch them masturbate, then stripping down and getting off right in front of them while talking dirty. Afterwards and during she lightly rubs her fingers that are wet from herself on that person's mouth. Also lightly tweaks the person getting off's nipples or rubing their pussies. If male runs a finger up their dicks and such.

Imp doing the same as above but recording it, she may never release the videos but that choice is up to you.

Tattletale uses her powers to find the perfect way to get people off, dirty talking and via hands/toys. She can get amazing orgasms out of anyone, damn near mind blowing and very quickly at that. Or she can keep them on edge for however long she wants.


The are many characters in this series from single digit ages up to the elderly. Ones with powers that control others and ones with powers to build anything or to control animals. So this is ripe for all kinds of stories for all kinds of fetishes. How about someone start writing some eh?



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