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Guest Daniel97

Age regressed Kushina cheats with Sasuke

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Guest Daniel97

I am fan of NTR/Cuckold stories and i am also fan of of age regression stories. So i had a idea to combine both but due to my poor english i can't write story so i am putting forward this idea.


This is going to be Minato x Kushina x Sasuke (sasuke can be replaced by guys other than naruto but i prefer Sasuke). Basically Minato will be cuckolded by Sasuke But Kushina will never stop loving Minato even if she humiliate him (optional)



  • Story take place after naruto genin exams. But character are older like in naruto shippuden like 15 year old.(Story can take place at other times)

  • Naruto is sad that everyone's parents have come to congratulate them and he is alone.

  • He run to forest where he find genie lamb (or any similar artifact), He wishes that this parent come back to life.

  • Minato and Kushina are resurrected but they are same age as naruto. They are reunited and naruto is happy

  • Sasuke encounter Naruto and family in street and is very upset because now even naruto have family and he does not

  • Kushina is upset that Sasuke is alone and decided to go to uchiha’s house and talk to sasuke. Sasuke and Kushina talks about sasuke’s mother. And  Sasuke develops crush on Kushina while Kushina is also attracted to Sasuke but try to avoid it.

  • Minato and Kushina are told by Hokage that they will be joining nauto and other genins because they are still kids and cannot be promoted to their original ranks with any test.

  • During the classes Minato sees sasuke and kushina talking and getting comfortable with each other and Minato started to fantasise them together.

  • Teams are decided and Kushina is on Sasuke team while Minato and Naruto are in different team.


Optional things

  • Minato decide to try to see what will happens if he try to get them together. He can encourage Kushina to try relationship with Sasuke because in past like He was her only lover.

  • He can provide advice to Sasuke on how to seduce Kushina.

  • Minato is afraid to have sex with Kushina because after being resurrected his penis is very small since he is very late bloomer

  • Minato is addicted to Masturbrating while seeing Sasuke and Kushina.

  • Minato is humiliated by Kushina and Sasuke. Sasuke can humiliate him in boys bathroom also.

  • What happens with naruto is your wish.

  • You can add whatever you fantasy is e.g. Sissification, Harem, Mindbreak. Just keep Kushina between Minato and Sasuke.


I also have alternate concept this time in AU Kushina and Minato are alive but for some reason Kushina is turned into her teen self. And Minato being the Idiot Good guy decide he can have sex with under age girl and they shoudl not have sex till she turn 19 or return to her former self. Rest can be kept same.


I dont know if anyone is going to pick the story or not but if you have similar story in mind feel free to take any idea and kindly give me the link

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Guest Guest

Hey I saw your idea and I was interested in taking it and using it as a one shot. Is there anything other than what is listed you need to know specifically or want in the story? 

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