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Uchiha x Uzumaki

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There is many lemons where Naruto x older woman like Mikoto and Harem...
But what if it was the reverse
Like Naruko with Fugaku Uchiha
In my idea the age will be older,so Naruko will be older then 15 years old not 12.

1-Mikoto dead(after she give brith to Itachi)
2-Sasuke not Fugaku's son but his nephew
3-Fugaku not part of the coup,so Itachi will not kill him,but will kill most of the Uchiha Clan.
4-Pervert Fugaku
5-lonely Naruko,so she will do anything to Fugaku when he help her and take care of her.
6-Fugaku will be the Hokage after The Third death.
7-Naruko will not leave the Konoha with Jiraiya,he will train her in the Village.

The story will be lemon of course

So Naruko and Fugaku relationship will start just sex and lust without love,after that they will fall in love
Naruko as lonely and Fugaku Pervert that want someone in his life and in his wife place in the bed.
With the Hokage's permission Naruko will start live with Fugaku so he can train her and make her stronger,but it is just Fugaku and Naruko's plan so they can be in the same house without anyone question.
I want their relationship full of lust sex,they will have sex in the kitchen،the bed,the shower,when they train,Fugaku using Clone for Threesome or Gangbang...

When Naruko become Genin,Fugaku will be her Team sensei.
Fugaku will give her Special training,and even in the mission they will have sex.

1-At some point their relationship will change from just lust to love.
2-after Suna and Orochimaru's Attack by year and half,Naruko will become pregnant,this will change their relationship to Husband and Wife,so yes,in Shippuden Naruko will become "Uchiha Naruko".

3-Fugaku is a Pervert,so you can make him sleep with other women,but Naruko will be with him every time(Threesome+)
But only Naruko will be his wife

Anko,Kurenai,Ayame,Tsunami,Yoshino,Tsunade,Tsume,Hana,Karin,Tayuya,Temari,Tenten,Hinata,Female from the Genin Team...

I hope someone write it,and sorry if my English language not good.

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