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Uzumaki in Kumo

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What if the Raikage doon't try to kidnaps Hinata but one of the last Uzumaki clan and Konoha's Jinchuuriki Mito Uzumaki the doughter of Kushina Uzumaki and Fugaku Uchiha?! 
in Kumo the Raikage don't force Mito but manipulate her by telling her how the Hokage lied to her and the truth of the kyuubi and that Minato sealed it in her to make her Konoha's weapon but in kumo the Jinchuuriki respected and in Kumo she can rebuild her clan and her childern will not be harmed.
in kumo they trains her Assassination and seduction.

•Both Ashura and Indra reincarnation
•Chakra Chains
•Canon powers in the war

•Red hair,Black eyes,no whisker marks

Mito will not end up with anyone,she will sleep with many characters and use her body for her benefit or just for fun and have many lovers and with the Kamui she can teleport to them anytime she want.

-Scenes that most be in the story 
•The night between Kushina and Fugaku and Mikoto(threesome)
Kushina will not cheats on Minato but she will be drunk and Fugaku and Mikoto will use that.
•Mito most have one child with the Raikage before she even go to missions(so if she die in the mission there will be one Uzumaki in Kumo) after a year the Raikage will send her to seduce and gets pregnant by Hiashi Hyūga him to gains the Byakugan.

•seduction mission(civilians and Shinobi).
•Mito having sex with random people to relieve stress after missions. 
•Threesome,she and two men or with married couple.
•Gato in Wave,she will not kill him but seduce him and use his power and influence over the world for her benefit.

-one of Mito goals is to find strong men  with special powers to give her children(female Jinchuuriki give brith faster than normal female human,you choose the fathers).

-some lemon ideas
•Mito x Zabuza and Haku,she will use her body to seduce them to joins Kumo.
•Mito x Tsunami x Kaiza,to have control over Wave country after she make Gato leave fot other place.
•Mito x Raikage,to manipulate him and let her have the turtle island where her clan will be.
•Mito Konoha Shinobi,to steal secret information and clans techniques.
Mito x Asuma and maybe Kurenai
Mito x Fugaku for information on the sharingan and the Uchiha clan secret jutsu.
Mito x Kiba ...

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