Original fic no sex so far, whole book done

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Okay, so I wrote a book for last years Nanowrimo and couldn’t find anyone to beta it, and I realized I didn’t look here, so, I’m looking here.


  1. I have a problem with my tenses, staying in the proper one at the right time, I just slip up, I also need help making it more marketable for mass readers without taking away it’s original juice, but I would like this done with someone who uses my word processor at least (which is Microsoft’s Word) so it’s done with as little work for you and me together.
  2. It is a totally original story, no fandom, I made all of this crazy shit up myself and I want all the credit durnit so please, if I give it to you, do not publish, share, do anything with it other than possibly keep it for yourself and maybe in case I lose my copy that way I have an emergency with you, but that’s up to you. I’m a squirrel when it comes to files, but I recently lost my entire history, so I’m massively starting to save again, like a squirrel, crazy.
  3. It’s set in present time, about a girl who’s just graduating high school and she has these psychic powers and shit happens that’s kinda really bad, and stuff and stuff and it’s got a lot sci-fi/fantasy of setting up a world as I plan on writing four books all together in this universe.
  4. I would like to see at least a few things that you have done, so I have an idea if we mesh or not, I hope to find some one!

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Another NaNo! :think:I approve! :bounce: I’m in a similar case and I’m way behind, with this year’s NaNo getting closer. I’d be interested in seeing a sample, as there are genres I don’t care for. If you want to see my writing I use the same penname here, AO3, FFN, and deviant art. Trade would be okay too. [hope this reply isn’t too old]

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