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Demoness Naruko

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Kurama is a The King of Makai not a bijuu,Hagoromo divide his power to the 8 bijuu,after that he was sealed in the Uzumaki clan members
Now he is sealed in Naruko uzumaki
to get his powers back he need Naruko 's help,he turn her to succubus demon.
as succubus she don't need to train but she can becomes powerfull by having sex with humans and demons 
she can take some of theirs abilities.
her main goals is to brings back kurama's powers to him and and gain control of the human world and she will not use power like kurama but sex and manipulation(with zetsu help)
Zetsu is a demon that work to Kurama

Dark Naruko-will use anyone and everything for her own gain.

Some of Naruko's abilities
•Superhuman strength
•Enhanced senses
•chakra chains
•Negative Emotions Sensing
•Charm: By looking into a man's eyes, she have the power to take control of that man(if he don't have strong will. 
•Mind Entering,can enter to others minds or take them to her mindscape.
•can summon demons

Main pairings- Naruko x Kurama

Naruko x Harem mostly older men and women
(Asuma,Kurenai,Anko,Fugaku,Mikoto,Hiashi,Tsume,Hana,Zabuza,older Haku,Raikage,Baki,Tsunami,Kaiza,inoichi,Mizuki,Tsunade,Koyuki Kazahana,Demon Brothers,Mei,Darui,zetsu...)

Most of the younger generation in shippuden

Lemon ideas
Naruko x Asuma x kurenai
Naruko x Asuma x Kurenai x Anko
Naruko x Kurama x Tsume 
Naruko x Zabuza x Haku
Naruko x Zabuza x Tsunami
Naruko x Zabuza x Kurenai
Naruko x Tsunami x Kaiza
Naruko x Tsunade x Kurama
Naruto x Tsume x Hana X demon
Naruto x Zetsu Clones 
Naruko x Kurama x Kushina(mindscape)
Naruko x demons
Naruto x The daimyō 
Naruko x Anko x seduction mission

she will make her demons breed some of the important women to gain more control in the human world(Tsunade,Mei,Koyuki,Tsume,Hana...)



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