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Naruko in The Game of Lemon

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Idea of fem-Naruto with the Gamer ability,but to become powerfull she don't have to train but have sex
she will use her powers and body to gain control over the Element Nation.

Fem-Naruto x Harem (Male and Female)

-Threesome with Zabuza and Haku and help the Bloodline user in Mist,and have sex with them to gain theirs Bloodlines 

-Gangbang with Zetsu clones

-Threesome with Asuma and Kurenai

-with Sasuke and Neji to gain the 
Sharingan and Byakugan

-Help Tsunade pay her debt by have sex(Gangbang,Threesome...) with the collectors,after that she will gain the Mokuton.

-control the five daimyō with her body 

-Naruko will not love her Harem,she just use them for her own gain and so that in the future her children will have a better life.
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