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Naruko the succubus

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-Redhead Succubus 

Naruko Uzumaki the first Succubus in existence and her goal to start new race in the land of whirlpools.
she is Kaguya's reincarnation not Ashura,she creat black and white Zetsu to spy on the Akatsuki(so no Kaguya)

-Naruko x Massive-Harem(Male and Female,Anko,Kurenai,Asuma,Neji,Hinata,Hanabi,Hiashi,Sasuke,Haku,Zabuza,Raikage,Tsunade,Zetsu,Kiba,Tsunami and Kaiza,Shion,Mei Terumi,Temari,Darui,Karin,Samui,Suigetsu....)

-Naruko's abilities
•Rinne Sharingan(the juubi in the war)
•Superhuman strength
•Enhanced senses
•chakra chains
•sensor(like karin)
•Negative Emotions Sensing(after she absorb the kyuubi chakra)
•Enchanted Kiss: can enslave anyone with kiss
•Charm: By looking into a man's eyes, she have the power to take control of that man(if he don't have strong will. 
•have the ability to turn others women(the one she enslave) to a succubus to help her builds her race.

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