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How to allow or disallow anonymous reviews

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Allow or disallow anonymous reviews


If you get trolled by registered authors leaving abusive reviews then we can warn or ban that author. But if you've been getting trolled by idiots leaving abusive anonymous reviews then there's actually little we can do. But there is something you can do – apart from simply deleting the reviews – and that's to no longer allow anonymous reviews. Here's how you change that.

  1. Ensure you're logged in to the archive.  Then hover your mouse over your username, as per below.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Hover the mouse over “My Profile”.  Another drop-down menu will appear.


  1. Find “Anonymous Reviews” and click on that.


  1. A new page will load with a drop-down box that says “Yes” or “No”. Change it to whichever option you wish and click the “update” button. And that's it!

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