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How to manage your recommended reading list

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How to manage your recommended reading list

Adding a story to your list

  1. Ensure you're logged in to the archive.  Then hover your mouse over your username, as per below.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Hover the mouse over “My Profile”.  Another drop-down menu will appear.


2) Find “Add to Rec Reading” and click it.


  1. When the new page loads, you'll need to add range of information. The first is the category that the recommended story is in. For example, is it an original story? A Harry Potter story? Select the appropriate category. Next, add the story ID, the story title, the author's ID, the author's name, and why you recommend the story. When finished, click the “Add to Recommended Reading” button down the bottom, and you're done!

Managing the Recommended Reading list

  1. Follow as above
  1. Find “Manage Rec Reading” and click it.


  1. When the new page loads, you'll find a list of your recommended reading along with an "Edit" button and a "Delete" button. If you click "Edit" you'll be able to edit the details you include when you first added that story to your list.

NOTE: If you're unsure how to locate a story ID or an author's ID then click here to read this FAQ.

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