Temporary Science Fiction Beta

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As the title suggests, I am offering to temporarly be a science fiction beta for those people who need one.
  1. I generally prefer to edit/beta stories that are either science fiction or science fantasy. Please specify, which your story is, so I can provide better corrections. Since the two are often confused, this video explains the difference between science fiction and science fantasy:
  2. I generally prefer NOT to edit stories that involve Futanari, Tentacles, BDSM, or M/M. In the past, I have proofread for these stories on SOL and Lit. While I respect these fetishes, I have found I really prefer to not to read the paragraphs with these fetishes in them. I am willing to work with authors of M/M as long as your warn me which scenes are going to involve graphic hardcore sex (as I probably will just give you the tools to proofread those yourself).
  3. I also grammar check for those that need it.
P.S. I have a physics degree.

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Then you might be my saving grace. I have a work in progress that is science fiction with touches of the giant Mecha in it as well as maybe a mix as it started off a message board to. If you are interested, I can give you the link. It's called Moonlight Sonata.

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