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Just posted a new original story, "Thunderstruck!" in which I return to my roots as a beastiality writer! :2tubs:

Author: NecroNOMNOMicon
Title: Thunderstruck!
Summary: Actress Lily Collier was feeling stressed and alone. Luckily she had some peanut butter -- and a pet!
Feedback: I would love any and all reviews and/or comments
Fandom: Original
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Beast, Fet, Fingering, Oral
Solo story or chaptered story: OneShot

Review Replies: TK

As always, reads and reviews are welcomed and encouraged.

For those of you interested, this story was sort of a shakedown voyage as I work myself back into a "Chronicles of Quinn Kane" frame of mind. I needed to get this imagery out of my head so I could proceed.

-Necro :Eye:

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