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A Roman Shower

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My second celebrity fanfiction stars Lindsay Lohan!

This tale is a little out there. It deals with vomit play -- which is a real fetish (emetophilia) -- but not one you hear a whole heck of a lot about. I hope you will give it a chance.

Author: LizzyBathory
Title: "A Roman Shower"
Summary: A trusted friend introduces Lindsay Lohan to the peculiar fetish of playing with vomit!!
Feedback: Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated
Fandom: Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan
Warnings: COMPLETE, F/F, Fet, M/F, Oneshot, Oral, Other
Solo or chaptered story: One shot

You might be interested to know that this story was originally jam-packed with celebrity cameos -- until I realized that I would have to disclaimer every one of them, and that was just too much for passing mentions of background characters, so I excised them all except for Hayden Panettiere, whose role is too pivotal to cut.

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