Tending to Petunia

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Here's the short and sweet of it:

1. Harry/Petunia is to be the main pairing of this challenge

1a. But that doesn't have to be the only one if you want more, see note #1 for more details.

2. Actual relationship between them should start no sooner than Harry's third year at Hogwarts and it should gradually grow over the next few years, while he's still at Hogwarts. If you want to do something more beyond that, feel free to do so.

3. Voldemort is gone. Kaput. Dead. He or any other substitute for him should not feature at all in the story.

3a. Harry's parents, and Sirius, are dead too. Sirius is removed from the story because otherwise he might take Harry into his custody.

4. No abuse whatsoever from the Dursleys. They don't love him, but they don't act like he's the Antichrist either. So that means no cupboard under the stairs, no locks on the door of his room or anything of the sort.

4a. Vernon should prefer to ignore him and minimize his interaction with Harry. Dudley could bully Harry once or twice when they're younger, but should stop when Petunia intervenes. Petunia herself should be split in half on the matter of her nephew: wanting to care for him and love him, because he's family and the last connection to her dead sister and wanting him out of her family's life because magic has brought nothing but misery to her family (i.e. her sister got killed by it).

5. Once fully grown/matured (17/18 years old), Harry should be very well endowed, above average in girth and length, but in his younger years feel free to have him use potions or magic to temporarily (or permanently, depending on your preference) make it bigger. Also, Harry should always have big loads of cum.

6. Harry isn't a sex-god right from that start. Don't do that. Have him learn along the way, rather than just read up one book, or have sex once, and then apply the same technique to anyone/everyone he has sex with.

Right, that was the short version. Here's the longer.

This is a complete AU, as you can see from the short version. I imagined that due to the emotional distance Petunia would put between herself and her nephew, it would allow for some potential smut, later on, but only with the proper background for it all. Given Vernon's obesity, I can't imagine she'd be all that willing to have sex with him often, or at all, and for her own satisfaction she'd look to herself. Maybe she'd use a toy? Maybe just her fingers and some adult entertainment on the telly? Whatever you please, basically, so long as Harry stumbles onto her in the act of masturbation.

This should happen at a pre-Hogwarts age, mind you, him catching her with her fingers knuckle deep in her gushing opening. He'd just watch, at first, but after a few times, he'd make himself known and Petunia would, naturally, grow ashamed and disgusted with herself. However, no matter how much she tries to keep him away, Harry would always come to watch her, because ultimately he just wanted to see what made his aunt so happy and if he could perhaps learn to do it so he could make her happy too, so she could love him and show him affection that he craves. For Petunia, this would at one point start to present a problem, as she would start to find less and less satisfaction in the act unless watched by her nephew.

Again, I want nothing sexual to happen between them before Harry's third year. Until then, this would be just their little secret and Harry would just wait for one specific day when he could go and openly join her in the act. However, this would only happen at Petunia's word, i.e. she would invite him in to watch openly, and not stand in the doorway or hide in the closet, as she pleasured herself. It would take a few times, at least, until Harry himself participates in some way. Make it as something as simple as inhaling the scent of her, from up close, when she's had at least one orgasm. From there on, it's a simple matter to move onto kissing, licking and properly eating his aunt out.

Best time for Harry to start having sex with his aunt would be in his 4th year, when he goes back home on Christmas break.

Their relationship should become more affectionate even outside the bedroom, maybe not overtly so that Vernon and Dudley don't think Petunia's acting too odd, but prolonged hugs, lingering kisses (on the cheek) and so on are something that I would want to see here. Their relationship, in general, should grow to be nothing but loving and caring. Though that doesn't mean that everything ought to be slow and gentle in the bedroom. Quickies in the bathroom when the bedroom or living room are otherwise occupied, hand-jobs in the hallway, blowjobs in the cupboard, fingerings underneath the dinner table... all's welcome here.

Note #1: Targets of opportunity should range from Slytherin witches at Hogwarts and Dudley's girlfriend(s) back in Privet Drive. Below are further details.

While at Hogwarts, say his 2nd year, he should get involved with an older (6th year Slytherin) witch, who should be the one to teach him the ropes of pleasuring a woman with his mouth and fingers. If you like, write it as a way of exchanging favors, she helps him with something, and in return he satisfies her that way whenever she asks, including during a class or two of hers, with him hiding underneath her robes while eating her out. The favor in question could be Harry looking up sex magic, because he's lusting after his aunt and wants to find ways to do something about it. Keep in mind, he won't say to the Slytherin witch on whom he would use anything from said book, just that he wants something like it. And said book's stuff shouldn't be used before his third year Christmas break.

Later on, the other witches at Hogwarts he could have relations with either Pansy Parkinson (Malfoy's girlfriend), Daphne Greengrass (Zabini's girlfriend) or one of the Carrow twins (Nott's girlfriend). Except for the first witch, who doesn't have an ongoing relationship during her time while she teaches Harry, all the other witches at Hogwarts should be in one and thus cheating on their boyfriends with Harry Potter. Do NOT have Harry fuck Ron's or Dean's or Seamus' or Neville's girlfriend(s) behind their backs. He is not to have a sexual relationship with any of the non-Slytherin witches in his life at Hogwarts.

His involvement with one of those three witches should start off by them hearing rumors in the years before from that older Slytherin witch who had her way with Harry. Each of the three could have a different approach to initiating a relationship with him behind their boyfriends' backs:

- Pansy could attempt to blackmail him with the information of what he did as a young wizard, fail miserably, and Harry could simply take pity on her and give her a way to get the thing she wanted (extra money) by offering her generous pay so long as she comes to him whenever he bids her;

- Daphne should simply have a go at him due to a lack of morals and scruples, wanting to compare her boyfriend with Harry's own rumored prowess, which would then go on to become a more intense affair than the one she originally planned for;

- Carrow, either Hestia or Flora, would want someone who wouldn't just there lie there in bed and expect her to do all the work, while her twin sister would cover for her with her boyfriend, and since she can't really look to Slytherin, she'd find her way towards Harry, with the help of the older Slytherin witch.

If whoever takes up this challenge feels like writing beyond Harry's years at Hogwarts, write him about having an ongoing affair with one of these three witches, who'd gone on and married their respective boyfriends from Hogwarts after they were done with their education. No children with them though.

As for Dudley's girlfriend(s), the circumstances for that are quite simple: have one of them catch Petunia and Harry in the act, say when he's on his 5th year at Hogwarts, and since Harry can't just take out his wand and subdue her or wipe her memory clean, Petunia would suggest that he pay for her silence a different way, and from there on Harry would start to have sex with Dudley's girlfriend. Or girlfriends, if he has more than one over the years. I leave that to your discretion.

Now, I realize that Petunia isn't exactly an attractive looking woman. She's described as a thin person with a long neck and natural blonde hair. Some folks that might want to take up this challenge might not necessarily want to write about Petunia as they don't find her attractive to start with. know that I am completely open to seeing Harry brew some potions which would alter Petunia's physical appearance.

This would come about from Petunia feeling insecure about Harry fucking a much younger and more attractive girl (Dudley's girlfriend) than herself and then ask him to do this for her. Ultimately, she'd be the one who'd give the specifics about what she'd want to see changed about herself to Harry.

He could give her a bigger bust, larger rear, widen her hips, narrow her waist, improve her face, plump up her lips, and so on, but he should also craft an artifact of sorts which would keep these changes negated completely from everyone around them unless Petunia decides to remove said artifact from her body.

I'm thinking, something like a Goblin-silver chain that she has tied around her waist, worn beneath all clothes, with a small heart-shaped pendant, that has a cursive H inscribed on it, landing right atop her pussy mound. Just a suggestion on my part. You can make it a piercing or just a regular necklace or bracelet.

Think of it this way: when she's wearing it, it's not just an illusion, she looks and feels like she's her old-self, but once it gets taken off, her figure becomes her new-self, voluptuous curves and all.

If you do alter Petunia's appearance, have her and Harry go out on dates in parts of the muggle world, spend the night together in whatever way you want (a dinner or going to a club or the theater/cinema and son) which should always end up in extra passionate fucking back at Privet Drive. You could age up Harry's appearance with an ageing potion, just to make sure no one quite recognizes him either.

Example of a dinner scenario: Harry and Petunia are in some muggle restaurant, just talking and eating their meal, when Vernon comes in with a business client of his. He could even look and admire Petunia's new looks without ever realizing it's his wife and nephew sitting at that table. Harry would then grow annoyed how distracted his aunt has become since Vernon came in and he'd take her to the bathroom, and just fuck her silly in one of the stalls. At one point, Vernon would come in to wash his hands, and hear someone getting pounded brutally in one of the stalls. Petunia would realize (somehow) who it was that came into the bathroom and would then shamelessly beg her nephew to finish inside her. When they do come out and return to their table, there should be some cum trickling down Petunia's thighs, which Vernon would notice and think about how vulgar and scandalous it was, while actually sporting a stiff one himself. Later that night, Petunia would proceed to gleefully give Vernon some sloppy seconds.

Unlike my other challenge, with Ron and Malfoy's girlfriends/wife, the other people (Vernon, Dudley, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott) should not be aware of their partners cheating on them with Harry. That said, feel free to write plenty of scenes where there's a risk of getting caught or being found out; have them give their respective partners sloppy seconds, feed them Harry's creampies or kiss their boyfriends/husbands on the mouth soon after they gave a blowjob to Harry; have them go at it like rabbits right next to their knocked out/drugged partners, taunting them and disparaging them as they lie unconscious in the room; or have them do it right in front of them, made invisible by spell or Harry's invisibility cloak.

Here's a setup for a scene for Harry with Dudley's girlfriend: it's Christmas Eve, Vernon is out and about on some business dinner, from which Petunia opted out, and Dudley has invited his girlfriend to come and properly meet his mother and cousin, never knowing that she's already way more intimate with Harry than he'd like to; during the dinner have them seated on opposite sides, with his girlfriend next to Harry, so she could stroke his cock without Dudley seeing a thing, or give him a blowjob when Dudley takes a short trip to the bathroom, or just push up her dress and straddle Harry's lap as he fucks her right there at the dinner table, pumping her full of his cum. Petunia would know all about it and encourage the lovers while she goes to distract her son from coming back.

If you do write about Harry's post-Hogwarts years, and wrote beforehand about him fucking Dudley's girlfriend(s), please do write about him fucking Dudley's wife too and impregnating her. Any child that Dudley's wife has should be Harry's and Harry's alone.

And speaking of impregnation, I wouldn't be opposed to Harry knocking up his aunt at her request, her having sex with Vernon once or twice to fool him into thinking it's his child and not her nephew's bastard she's carrying in her belly, with an extra sex scene with a heavily pregnant Petunia and Harry, right in the bed she shares with Vernon, while Vernon lies unconscious on the floor as Harry fucks her, sucks on her lactating breasts and so on.

Make that a bonus scene at the end of it all, if you want.

Like before, this is something that I'd like to probably have a go at it myself one day, but in the meantime I figured someone else might want to take a shot.

Alright, that's all from me. Here's hoping someone takes up this challenge.

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Guest Curious

This is the second challenge I've seen by you that I found to be right up my alley and this one is actually for more appealing to me than the first one I read.

Before I start writing anything, I was wondering... would you oppose Vernon and Dudley being made aware that they are cuckolded by Harry, forced to watch or even participate? At least on some occasions, if not all the time. I could work in how Harry keeps memory wiping them after every time and letting himself be caught with their wives again and again. While I'm not eager to write about either of the two men in a sexual way, the temptation for humiliation to be heaped on them as they see their wives utterly demolished by Harry in the sack is just too much for me to simply pass over or neglect to bring up.

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If I was to write this myself, then I'd probably avoid involving them directly, but you, or anyone else for that matter, can write as they like so long as they stay true to the gist of the challenge.

The memory wipe thing seems alright at first, but also - kind of boring?

If you want to involve them already, you can just have Harry dose them with some kind of potion to enforce subservience/submissiveness towards their wives who bring up cuckolding to them and how they'd want to do it with someone they can trust, i.e. Harry. From then on you could escalate those cuckolding relationships into being written more openly in the separate households, like if Harry was to drop in on one of the Dursley women while their husband was working, which they could keep at even when Vernon or Dudley made it home from their jobs, or if he was to take them out on dates and how the neighbors and family friends would comment on the situation, but never outright imply what's going on. And since it'd be so much out in the open, I'd like to see them refusing their husbands for sex, so they could make sure they'd get pregnant with Harry. In this scenario, it'd be obvious that both Dudley and Vernon would know their wives aren't carrying their children, but they'd stay with them nonetheless.

Or you could write about them being threatened them by Harry, with magic, have Dudley's wife and Petunia play up to the act, maybe do a little scene before the whole family how they'd do anything to save their husbands from Harry's anger. Sort of like they're sacrificing themselves for their husbands' sakes and that them being forced to watch is nothing as serious as it is for them, since they're the ones getting fucked by the 'freak' nephew/cousin. Then repeat those kinds of scenes ad infinitum.

Now, as far as participation is concerned, I'm iffy on that. I'd be alright with them being in the same room as their wives, holding their hands or spreading their legs so that Harry can get a better angle to fuck them. Maybe, and that's just a maybe, even prep their wives for Harry and then guide him by hand inside them? That's about the furthest I'd want to see that go.

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Willow Darkling, forum moderator. 

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