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The Pit in the Cellar -- Review Replies and Comments

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This is the place to discuss, comment on and review my standalone horror story, "The Pit in the Cellar," which can be read here:

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

-Necro :Eye:

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Okaaaaaaaay, time to look at the first comments on this story! Yay! :yahoo:

The honor of first comment goes to Pippychick!

pippychick 2016-02-15 id # 3000230605 I don't usually read minor2 tag fics (not going to dwell on those aspects), but since I had to add the tag myself lately, I thought I'd trust you, especially since you're venturing into horror.

I'm glad I did. This was entertaining and mysterious. Well written and disturbingly easy to visualise.

I am kind of disappointed she didn't get one of those little suckery things at her clitoris. Women, we can withstand a lot of pleasure, even if we're not up to even raising our head afterwards. Seems like the kind of monster that would create multiple orgasms.

Oh, the cervix. I could tell you what that feels like (given an adequate word count), but then I'd have to kill you ;)

Also, just for the horror, I kind of wanted to see her wonder if it hadn't necessarily impregnated her... but rather, laid eggs inside her. That would keep a person awake at night!

And lastly, is it bad that I kept wondering about her Dad, and his instructions not to enter the cellar? Keeping the fuck-monster all for himself, is he? Lol

But, yes, sorry! I've rambled on and on, but I did enjoy this. Well done!

(aka Dafdes from the forums)

First of all, Pippychick, I'm glad you decided to give the story a chance! I love people pushing their boundaries!

Second, allow me to apologize for not inflicting the maximum amount of pleasure on my heroine. Next time I write a tentacle monster, he will pay particular attention to clitoris torture!

As for eggs -- yes, that's a truly terrifying thought, and one that cannot be ruled out here. Feel free to imagine out heroine waking from a fitful sleep to notice that the texture of her abdomen has changed... and the horror that is revealed when she investigates...

Dad keeping the horny tentacle monster for himself? I honestly didn't think of that. In my mind, he wanted to protect his two young daughters from the "tender mercies" of the tentacle monster.

Never apologize for rambling on when commenting! Please ramble!

Necro :Eye:

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The second review goes to: darkalley_rambler!

darkalley_rambler 2016-02-15 id # 3000230607 That ending really sold it for me. Her horrified reaction was keenly palpable in my mind and I doff my hat to you. That blind quest for normalcy afterwards was just brilliant. ... wow, I think I'm actually gushing. Please pardon that. Hrm. So my theory of what dad is up to: tentacle gigolo. Cause if machine-powered piston-driven didoes can be a thing, I shudder to think what could be charged for a half-hour of that thing's time.

Thank you so much for the gushing praise!

My theory is that the tentacle thing doesn't post prices upfront... It just goes to work, and then, when you're in your seventh or eighth hour of orgasm, it names its price, and you simply agree...

Necro :Eye:

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