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Lust and Chastity Series Review Thread

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This is a review thread for the story Lust and Chastity-

And, also, for Lust and Propriety-



Lee'en Sketch (by Thirdly)-

Rough Book Cover for Lust and Chastity featuring Lee’en, Alistair, Jack, and Finian (by Thirdly)-

Rough Book Cover for Lust and Propriety featuring Andyvion (by Thirdly)-


Review Responses for Lust and Chastity:

Chapters 1-2:

kitty: Ohhhh I'm really intrigued ^-^ I liked that first chapter! Look forward to reading more ^-^
Thirdly: It gets quite interesting the further along you read.
Robin: Thanks! I hope you like what we have coming up!
Cobalt106: Captivating first chapter! I'm hooked! Hoping you continue
Thirdly: Glad to hear it. Like Robin says below, we have a lot in store for this one.
Robin: Thanks! We are definitely continuing. We actually have up to chapter 9 written. They just need to be edited. I hope you like them as well. :-D
Forested:I tried to review when I read it, but the site was being wonky. I found this interesting, and I am looking forward to more!
Thirdly: Thanks so much for coming back to review! We were worried because of the site update that we'd get no reviews for it.
Robin: Thanks for your perseverance in reviewing! I'm glad you like it! I hope you like the next chapters, too! :-D
Chapters 3-4:
nea: I am literally fanning myself because this story is so hot! lol Really, it's one of the best I've read and the main character hasn't even had sex yet! I love it. I am looking forward to see where you go with this. :-D
Thirdly: Glad you're enjoying it so far.
Robin: *spritz with water* Pace yourself, honey. It's going to get hotter. ;) I recommend cool packs on hand for all chapters you read. I'm really glad you're enjoying it! And thank you so much for the review!

Rukia Isaioi: Wow. Just wow. Loved this chap!!! Plz update soon.

Thirdly: We literally did update soon, ha ha. Robin: Thank you! We should be updating pretty regularly. I hope that makes you happy!

Chapters 5-8:
Tahn: I hope all works out for everyone.
Thirdly: We do, too!
Tahn: I hope he can wait that long.
Thirdly: That's the question right there, what could possibly happen in 22 months? *dark chuckle*
reader: I'm loving this story more with each chapter that is updated.
Thirdly: Hope you enjoy the chapters to come!
Toogie: Wow just wow! I just started reading your story & kept passing by it every time I look for a very romantic book thanks for writing this, its so very touching that I had to re-read some of the words to feel the characters' love.
Thirdly: We're glad you're enjoying it so far. All of our stories have romance in them, Robin's and mine.
NikkieLove: I just read chapter 2. The whole pink unicorn thing is so cute!!! I got some questions though. So, Jack can see though Lee'en, and probably Jack would have said something if his penis or fingers disappeared as they had oral or anal sex, so I'm guessing Jack's parts are still visible inside Lee'en? Unless Jack completely just didn't look down, so he didn't notice? But what about his cum? When Lee'en swallows, does the cum turn invisible? Or can you see it go down his throat and settle 'round stomach height? Maybe you answer this in later chapters. I kept wondering all through the whole scene though, LOL.
Thirdly: Yes, everything is invisible to Jack. His cum does indeed turn invisible...he's able to only briefly see his flesh before it disappears in the Unicorn's recesses.
Chapters 9-10:
EL: I really like this story :D And I like the last chapter ! when I read the first chapters, I thought something like that would happen :)I can't wait to read more! I hope we will be able to read chapter 10 soon :-D
Thirdly: Thanks so much for the feedback! Things got really busy with Robin and myself this last month. Hope you enjoyed chapter 10.
Wolfie: Love this story and can hardly wait for more! The characters are so well developed and silly /enchanting.
Thirdly: Silly and enchanting is just about what we were going for! Glad you're enjoying it so far.
Chapters 11-13:
Anon: I think this is the best fantasy story ever!! can't wait to read more :-D
Thirdly: We’re glad you enjoy it so far!
Chapters 14-17:
Smint45: I just discoverd this story and i really love it!!!! I wonder is this finished? Although you started the story of Hazeth and Winter I have the feeling this one is still incomplete since Alistair and Fin haven’t mated jet!!!  Anyway I adore this story and i hope that it will continue!!! I will now go to reading the second one!!!! Hope to hear from you again soon!!!!  @ramblingrobin : will you update Prophilaxis anytime soon? I really hope so cause I really love that story a lot!!!
Thirdly: Not quite finished yet, getting VERY close to finishing. Yes, we did start with Hazeth and Winter, we got the writing bug with that storyline. And though I am NOT ramblingrobin, I can vouch that Prophylaxis WILL be updated soon! I think all that is left, if I’m not mistaken, is editing (for chapter 28, for other Prophy fans if they’re reading this). I love Prophylaxis so much. To anyone else reading this, if you’re not squeamish about polygamy, go read it! 
Smint45:Oh my god that chapter was amazing!!! Hope Fins Dad will be ok!!! And that fin will be ok Ally really needs to rescue him!!!! Hope he will be alright!!! See you again soon!!!!
Thirdly: I’m so behind on responding to these comments that I’m pretty sure you already know. In any case, Finian WILL be alright, in time.
Smint45: Oh no Fins Promismark is gone!!!! I really hope they will be able to rescue him from this evil elder!!! See you again soon!!!
Thirdly: Once again, I’m pretty sure you just read whether Finian gets rescued or not. On behalf of both Robin and myself, thanks so much for your thoughts!
Antiki: I seriously love this story, but the things that happened to Finian disturbed me so much. I kept thinking somehow he'll get away before, but no such luck.  T_T I want to get my hands on that elder and do things to him that I'm sure he won't enjoy. >.> Please write more, I want to know what happens next. <3
Thirdly: ‘the things that happened to Finian disturbed me’- Yes, this is the same reaction a LOT of readers shared. It is quite awful that Finian was targeted like that. NONE of the Elders will come out of this unscathed, we can promise you that much.  

Review Responses for Lust and Propriety:

Chapters 1-3:

Tahn: Interesting start. I hope the twins will be ok.
Thirdly: Actually, so do I. 

smint45: Oh my god this story is also amazing!!! Although it has some spoilers for Lust and Chastity, like the Montcroix taking back the lead of the country and with fins help non the less!!!! At least that tells me that Lust and Chastity isn't complete jet and I've got more to read!!!! Anyway I really hope Andy will be able to warn winter and be able to save his mates!!! Hope to hear from you again soon!!!!
Thirdly: Crap, I knew I forgot something! Thank you so much for pointing that out, I'll definitely add spoiler warnings before any more LP chapters from now on. Lust and Chastity is (at the moment) being worked on side by side with Lust and Propriety, but it is not finished yet. (also, we can neither confirm nor deny which Maiden they were referring to)

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