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What if Cardin had a semblance to coues love and devotion in others
allowing him to treat people like objects or toys and they love him for it?
What if he had a reputation for sleeping with a new girl every night or helping
his friends get the girls they wont?

Things that I wont to see are
Yang meeting him and not even getting to say anything before he
looks at her breast and he tells her to meet him in his room that night.
Optional abuse idea Cardin enjoys humiliating strong women and takes her as hard
as he can before leading her to his friends.

Ruby being woken up by a half dressed Yang and told that she wont's her
to meet someone.
Optional rape idea Yang to prove to Cardin she loves him helps him rape Ruby
the first time he takes her.

Pyrrha finding out about him threatening Jaune tells Jaune she will get him to stop
after going to talk to Cardin she is seen hanging off his arm the next day by Jaune
Optional whore idea Cardin Pyrrha is convinced that a womens place is to
provide pleasure to men and starts accepting the advances of anyone that wont's her.

Blake comes to consider herself his pet and wears a collar.
Optional racist idea Blake to prove her devotion starts an canpaine
to promote human superiority to faunus saying that her race
barely deserve to be a humans pet let alone considered equol
and actively encarges faunus slavery.

Weiss he wast no time to convince that her familys company
should place its self at his beck and call and from there it only makes since to
introduces him to her sister.

Jaune soon without Pyrrhas support drops out and
several months later his sisters meet up with Jaune and tell
him about this boy they are all dating.
Optional mind break idea Cardin walks in with them
and they are all pregnant.

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Guest Shen Zen

Wouldn't a semblance that enforces obedience make more sense? It doesn't matter how much you love someone, you aren't going to who're yourself out for them, or allow them to rape your little sister.

Whereas if they had to obey him, they'd do those things without question. Also, that part with Jaune's sisters seems really unnecessary, like the entire point of the fic is to make Jaune suffer. I like the idea well enough, that last bit just seems needlessly petty.

And where are Nora and Goodwitch in this idea!?

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Guest Midnightson

Hey david15 have you ever seen a challenge called Effective use of Blackmail by TropicThunder if not i'll post it here

Posted 02 December 2015 - 03:25 PM

Okay, so we all know how things went in Canon. Jaune confesses to Pyrrha about his fake transcripts, and Cardin overhears and uses this to blackmail Jaune into being his lucky. Instead, what I propose is he instead uses this information to blackmail Pyrrha.

Naturally it should start off small, maybe forcing her to be his girlfriend, before gradually escalating into full on sex. Naturally Pyrrha should slowly become addicted to being dominated by Cardin, eventually even begging and degrading herself willingly for him.

Of course such a change in behavior doesn't go unnoticed, and someone goes to Professor Goodwitch, asking her to look into it. Unbeknownst to the student however, Glynda is already in Cardin's pocket, after all, how else would he get away with bullying so openly? So she reports to Cardin, and he decides to use her connections to gather information and blackmail the student into compliance.

TL;DR: Cardin uses blackmail to turn Pyrrha, Glynda and other girls into sex slaves.

i like your idea but it's to far, i like his idea but it doesn't go far enough, but his challenge and your are the same in two ways both involve Cardin and both involve him breaking Jaune so my idea is this combined his with yours.

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