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Guest Mistress of Malfoy

Kissing Trouble Challenge

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Guest Mistress of Malfoy

Kissing Trouble Challenge

Summary: Harry is dared to kiss someone. Who knew that with one kiss he would change his life and the Wizarding world as he knows it?

Pairings: Harry/Draco or Harry/Severus


The Dare:

Harry and Hermione (and maybe other muggleborns/muggle-raised students) are playing a game – like Truth or Dare (definitely something muggle) – Harry is dared to kiss (a specific person i.e. Draco or Severus, or) the person he fancies (which would be Draco or Severus.)

What Harry and Hermione (and the other students) don’t realise is that kissing is a big deal in the Wizarding world. It is only allowed once a person is either legally betrothed -by arranging their own betrothal - or has an arranged marriage, where they wouldn’t kiss (or even have seen each other) until the actual wedding ceremony. They don’t know this law – Hermione in particular – because it is not in any books, it is simply assumed that everyone just knows (which is also why no one talks about it.)

Harry, on his dare, goes and finds Draco/Severus and kisses them. Draco/Severus is shocked, they drag Harry to Dumbledore, Dumbledore announces that Harry has broken the law and now has to marry Draco/Severus. Harry is obviously shocked by this but is not given time to digest the news as he is dragged to the Ministry and married straight away. Then an announcement is put out in the newspapers.

The Results:

Harry has to describe his actions and the reasons for them, to a full court. He explains that in the Muggle world kissing is not a big deal, he doesn’t understand why they are making such a fuss. The court is shocked and realise that they never considered the problem of muggleborns/muggle-raised students before. They consider the breaking of one of their oldest laws as a great shame to themselves, hence the shock and panic, they apologize to Harry – although Harry doesn’t get away with no punishment, he has to pay a fine to Draco/Severus’ family for ‘stealing’ the chance to make a good match and for marrying Draco/Severus without permission or a betrothal.

New laws are quickly drawn up – for the muggleborns/muggle-raised.

Hogwarts gets a new teacher/class on Wizarding customs especially for muggleborns because of the new laws – they have to learn about the new laws. The class is compulsory.

New branch in the Ministry to deal with the parents/guardians of muggleborns, making sure they know the laws before their child enters Hogwarts – and to monitor/aid them throughout their child’s education.

Schools (like Hogwarts) get a Courting Traditions teacher (or something like that – appointed by the Ministry) – a bit like a counsellor. To talk the students about relationships - whether it is suitable to ask out a certain person, to arrange meetings with parents etc., to help arrange betrothal contracts, to know who is already betrothed so people don’t pick someone already taken. They also monitor relationships to make sure nothing sexual is happening – have spells to check virginity etc.

The new laws make sure Wizards understand muggleborns’ knowledge of relationships and sex is different to theirs.

Harry is used as an example to muggleborns about the consequences of their actions – much to his embarrassment. The Wizarding world is ashamed that they failed their Saviour.

Basically a whole revolution is started by a dare.


The rest of story – Harry’s marriage – is up to you. What I am interested in is the reaction that Harry’s action produces, and the consequences. Although I would prefer it if Harry was a virgin when he gets married.


I hope people have a go at this challenge as I would very much like to read it. Any questions or to let me know you’ve taken the challenge, please e-mail me, my email is If you do email me please include the name of the challenge, as I have quite a few!

This challenge is open to as many people as possible. It is also an open-ended challenge with no time restrictions or limits, so please feel free to have a go at any time.

Thank you.

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