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This is a review response thread for the story Kidnapping is Always an Option- http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107919


A quick headshot sketch of Caspin and Adrian (by Thirdly)- http://orig14.deviantart.net/7a9d/f/2015/285/e/3/caspin_adrian_temp_by_michithethird-d9cutib.jpg

A lovely book cover (by Robin)- http://orig12.deviantart.net/67a8/f/2015/285/a/7/_8dfc57d301082cc1d5f1e7249a5c2f9f056de2ae2ccf8b12f_by_michithethird-d9cutol.jpg

Adrian (by Thirdly)- http://sta.sh/01h0sgmp9mat

Caspin Sketch Page (by Thirdly)- https://img04.deviantart.net/4931/i/2017/017/c/3/caspin_refs_by_michithethird-davroai.jpgjpg

Caspin colors (by Thirdly)- https://orig15.deviantart.net/735e/f/2017/073/4/a/cas_color_example_by_michithethird-db29ecr.jpg 

Phen Sketch (by Thirdly)- http://orig04.deviantart.net/d38e/f/2017/005/8/9/phen_sketchie_by_michithethird-daudb7e.jpg

A sketch page of the lovely Falorios (by Thirdly)-http://sta.sh/01qe7lz1un9m

Rated E for Everyone Nix (by Thirdly)- http://orig00.deviantart.net/2885/f/2016/145/e/f/nix_sketchie2_by_michithethird-da3t0n3.png

The darling Mycha (by Thirdly)- http://orig13.deviantart.net/e901/f/2016/213/6/e/mycha_by_michithethird-d9hs2fl.png

Four Headshots (by Butterflywish)- https://orig13.deviantart.net/060d/f/2017/249/4/2/large_58e79eed95cef_fourheadshotsbybutterflywish_j_by_michithethird-dbmke83.jpg

Review Responses:

Chapters 1-2:

Rukia Isaioi: Hahaha!!! I may need 2 reviews 2 get all my thots out! Anyway I saw this when it was 1st posted but decided 2 catch up on a few other good stories b4 check-in it out. I almost 4got about, but glad I searched 4 & found it!!! So I hope this will continue, not simply end as a 2shot(?) I hope 2 c how the k9(kenanes???) Come n2 play, & I wonder if etsu may get his own lil spinoff, that'd b cute! Imagine if it was a kenane XD then Cas & he'd b tied 4 oddest relationships n the family lol. Anywho!!! Plz update soon,Rukia

Thirdly: First of all, you are amazing for reviewing from your phone and fighting through autocorrect to do so (no small feat)! The story is definitely going to continue. Robin and I have a lot of fun with this one and have a lot more planned for it. You will see what happens with Etsu soon enough and when the Kaynens come into play. I can't tell you anything else due to spoilers, but rest assured that we are still writing.

Robin: Thank you so much for giving us our first aff review! I really appreciate it! This will definitely continue. We have a few more chapters in the bag and just need to edit. Besides, we're having way too much fun with it to let it go. You'll get to meet one or two Kaynen, I hope you like the big-fanged puppies, and you'll see some more of Etsu. We love Etsu. I hope you like the next chapters, please let us know what you think!

Chapters 3-4:

Rukia Isaioi: Well!!! Though I had a vage hope somethin like this would happen n later chapters, I didnt expect etsu 2 literally get swept off his feet with the followin update!!!!! XD lol and man wat a whirlwind romance!?!! 2 b honest I was floored at how u put this 2gether so well w so lil plot buildup!!! Ur sum kind of genius I bet, cause most others that progress ther stories at this rate lose site of wat the reader can understan & put 2gether, & n the end it's just a mess where a great story coulda bin. And(I) am the reason 4 the forum??? Aaaw im blushin!!! XD plz keep up the awesum work & update soon!!!Rukia
Thirdly: The truth is that Robin and I write a LOT. We just write and write and compile it all into chapters and it's hard to divide the chapters just right. However, we do try. And we're glad that it hasn't confused you. This is also a pretty smutty story, we can't help ourselves. Our characters are too fun to write.
Robin:Thank you so much for your reviews! They are so encouraging. We really appreciate it. When we saw your reviews we wanted to respond, so we started the forum for yours and other reviews. : D We had a lot of fun with Etsu and Orin. It's nice having two of us. It's easier to bounce ideas around and then settle on what makes sense. Our heads usually move in similar directions, but we have more ideas together than we would alone. It's nice for the story. Sometimes I wonder how we are going to fit in everything that we want to. When we have something come up that we can't see eye to eye on, and that does happen, then we know that it's not a good fit for the story and we look for something different that we both look at in the same way. We know when we have something we want because we both get all excited about it and I start squealing like a fangirl.
Tahn:Gonna be some explaining to do when little foxy gets found.
Thirdly: Exactly! And the "explaining" part still came out a bit chaotic.
Robin: Oh yes. *evil laugh*

Tahn:I wish his family would find out how sweet and amazing Cas is, and regret all of the nasty things they've said about him.
Thirdly: Hopefully at least some of them will. Stubborn minds don't change, even if they're forced to.

Robin: I know what you mean. I'm glad Cas has Etsu. Overall, Caspin's family loves him, but sometimes it's not a very kind or generous love. Most of them see him as someone to be pitied and sheltered or something to be ashamed of.

Chapters 5-6:

Rukia Isaioi: Aaaw!!! Lol this story just keeps getting better & better!!! I am kinda confused bout the rabbit's reactions 2 aliens... They must have been aware of the existence of outer world life already... Or think they were gods or demons, lol. Anyway pls update soon! Love u, Rukia

Thirdly: Their tribe deems the visits of "star people" as deities/half-gods from another dimension, but they know nothing about other planets just yet. Phen is quick on the uptake, however, and he informs them in small bits and pieces on his visits.
Robin: I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! The rabbits have seen aliens before. Probably mostly tourists. There are strict interstellar laws that protect inhabited planets from abuse. As long as they don't cause trouble, others can go there. There haven't been very many visitors, but Phen's people have seen "star people" before. I'm imagining some amusing interactions with tourists where the rabbits treated them like gods.
Tahn: Aww, they made a friend.
Thirdly: Indeed, they did! XD
Robin: A friend... with benefits. ;)
Tahn: Glad Cas's family accepted him as his mate.
Thirdly: Orin and Etsu make a great team and can be quite convincing when they put their mind to it.
Robin: Orin and Etsu didn't give them much choice. With Etsu as the brains and Orin as the brawn, they generally get their way. They'd be dangerous as bad guys!
Chapters 7-8:
Tahn: Oh, there's a new crew member. They are gonna have their own harem soon. :D
Thirdly: Falorios is one of our favorites, or at the very least, his journals!
Robin: I think everyone knows my feelings about male harems... Thank you for reviewing! I hope you like the next chapter!
Rukia: Well. DAMN!!! It seems that w only a full of chapters this story's gon from a sweet romance 2 a literary orgy(literally). I can't c many more characters appearing w out the plot slipping away completely anyway.
Now as for the 2 newest extraterrestrials, might & kitty:
Due 2 Rios past I can't help but wonder what medbay would find w him, considering he's the only 1 not having gotten a checkup, lol. It'd b funny if Nix weren't the only breeder. But since he hasn't mentioned heat his would have 2 b much rarer or require certain conditions.
As 4 kitty Nixy himself, if whatever he applied 2 his eye & tail r meant 2xplain why they won't heal, the same doesn't imply his uterus didn't grow back. That would b interesting, should Rios or Adrian get him pregnant!!! Imagine if he had twins, 1 from each... Or had a hole litter from each of the other characters... Yum :-)
And lastly: I wonder who jackoff is, and if we'll encounter him/her, or if it's just a name Rios gave 2 his digital library. Either's quite plausible.
Can't wait 2
Thirdly: Can't make any promises on how many characters will make up Caspin's crew, but I can promise that each character is important to what is to come. Jackoff is, indeed, the name of his journal. Rios 's journal was his only 'friend' growing up, one of the only things he had left that his great-aunt gave to him before she passed away. His journal is also a hard copy, not digital (great-aunt lived in a simpler, less advanced planet before they all ended up living at the port). It's definitely worse for wear at this point. He's also running out of pages so he tries to summarize a lot of events on each page (and he fits as many entries as he can on each page, front and back).
Chapters 9-10:
Tahn: Aww, kitty. Can he become a cat like the bunny and fox?
Thirdly: No, unfortunately the Civek species can't shift.
Robin: I can't imagine what trouble Nix would get up to as a real cat...
Nbsiren: lol...bet they'll remember to lock the door from now on :P
Thirdly: Nope, they'll never learn that lesson.
Robin: You would think that... you'd be wrong. Which I think is hilarious and wonderful.
IEatCereal: I'm really enjoying this lighthearted story so far, thanks so much for this guys. For chapter 11 I'm going to go with: the fiance/her family/a jealous lover and or his family arranged the slavers visit :P. On an unrelated note could we have more Adrian and Caspin scenes (with just themselves or any combination of others)please ? These days I get the feeling that a lot of their sex and bonding time is off page and I'm missing them :P
Thirdly: We added an extra scene just for you!
Robin:Your review is wonderful! Thank you! In fact, you inspired us to write a chapter that wasn't there before. We had up to Ch 14 done, but we backed up and inserted another chapter just because we agree! The world needs more Cas x Ade! I hope you like it! It was fun to write!
Tahn: Can't wait to see the little mousy running around with the rest of the guys in their animal form.
Thirdly: There will be more of the animal forms later.
Robin:Yes! Oh my goodness, I squeed my pants!
Chapters 11-14:
Tahn: I do wonder though...who is he writing to?
Thirdly: No one and everyone. It's his private journal, though he has other hidden secrets in his electronics, ha ha ha.
IEatCereal: I was honestly kind of shocked to see a new chapter so soon, you guys really made a boring morning lecture enjoyable XD. Thanks so much guys
Thirdly: You probably hated us after the slump of the last quarter.
IEatCereal: [ * Aaand since aff ate the rest of my review with nice spaces I'll post the rest without any spaces].To be honest as much as I love all the sex scenes its the tender moments I like the most, and so its always nice to see all the cues you've written into the story that show that while it may not exactly be love for some of them (yet?), and even though this is a sugary lighthearted story, this is something that'll end up being permanent beyond just Cas and Ade. Its still nice to see some tender and smutty moments between the two original guys though. I know that given how Nix is biologically/personally, he's probably responsible for inititating/inspiring a lot of the on page sex scenes but don't forget about the others. Humans, foxes and bunnies need love too :P . I am however hoping that Phenner gets to keep his mousey and then gets to experience topping for the first time XD. On an unrelated note how exactly would Rios play with them in his animal form? How much can a moth actually do? Also I wish we had the technology to make anal stretching that easy. Seriously though thanks so much for this chapter guys XD. I'd hug you if I could
Thirdly: There is (actually) a reason for...I can't tell you. This is still only the beginning.
Tahn: Gonna run outta room at some point. Is mousey for the rabbit like kitty is for the moth?
Thirdly: I can finally say that Mycha was the final official crew member! And this new chapter explains what the mousey is for the rabbit, hee hee.
Tahn: Aww, trust is being built, how sweet :D
Thirdly: Yes, it hit me right in the heart, especially with the chaotic mess that is Rios x Nix.
Tahn: I can't remember if I reviewed or not, but just in case. I think it's sweet that they've all found someone to be with, while at the same time they still make time for the others.
Thirdly: It's ok, I can't tell, either! Hee hee. Thank you muchly for all of your thoughts, they are all greatly appreciated and taken into account in all that we do!
Chapters 12-18:
Tahn: These guys are so cute together. What exactly do they do to make money, seems like the don't have time for much else.
Thirdly: They help Caspin chart maps behind the scenes.
Tahn: Oh that's not ok. Not ok at all. I hope he finds his little foxy before something bad happens to him.
Thirdly: Kahn did manage to do some damage, but the important part is that they did get to him before anything worse happened.
Tahn: Ooo, you don't mess with a guy's soulmate. I hope he doesn't get mad about having the other guy's scent on him.
Thirdly: He was mad, alright. But, I like the fact that his priority was to ensure Etsu's safety above all else.
Tahn: Aww, that's so sad. I hope they'll be ok..
Thirdly: The bond between Etsu and Caspin is stronger than either of them think. They may be cousins, but they treat one another like pure siblings. Thanks so much for your thoughts Tahn dear.
Chapters 19-21:
Tahn: Oh I hope he is preggers, I think it would go a long ways towards healing his heart. No other child would be loved more with all of those fathers.
Thirdly: Yes, quite a lot of fathers, indeed!
Tahn: They need to get over the throwback hate. Maybe Loxie can set up something to keep them safe and make them feel wanted?
Thirdly: The Zanders, in general, try their best to show some throwback love to the public bit byb it.
Tahn: Aww, maybe now he'll stop doubting how much they love him, and finally relax.
Thirdly: I hope so, too! Thanks once again for your input!
Chapters 22-27:
Tahn: I'm glad that everyone seems to be happy. I hope Nix gains confidence in their feelings for him.
Thirdly: That’d be a yes and a no. He’s had such a rough time of it up until recently in his life, but he’s finally starting to accept that he has a Seraglio that loves him.

smint45: So I just found this story this weekend^^ And I've already read everything!!!! I really like this story a lot although I'm normally not overly fond off syfy!!! And It is really smutty I loved the sixsome and of cause also the threesome, foursome and so on^^And I really love Loxi!!!! Can't wait for some smut with him and the crew!!! And The babies that was so amazing that Nixie is pregnant!!!! In the last chapter shit really hit the fan!!! Poor Nixie I really hope they will get the bear and will be able to rescue him!!! And I hope Falorios and the Seraglio will not be hurt(I hope I spelled them right^^)!!!

Thirdly: Yet another fan of Loxias, ha ha. He seems well-loved, probably because of his kindness and inner and outer strength. 

smint 45: And again I can't log in so I will need to review anonymously, soory^^ I loved this chapter!!!! Liam is so very sweet!!! I*'m glad he is with them now!!!! Hope they will get nixie back soon!!! His children will now have an older brother!!!! Thank you so much for the update and see you again soon!!!.
Thirdly: Yes, most of Nix’s children will see Liam as a big brother. Two will not, and I’ll stop it there before I spoil anything about the sequel.
Tahn: Cas is building himself a little empire ^_^
Thirdly: Yes, he certainly seems to be!
smint45: Yay they finally rescured Nix!!!! I'm so happy!!! Hope to hear from you again soon!!!!
Thirdly: I hope you get to read their next phase, as well.
Tahn: Aww, cliffhangers are just mean, If they take the captain, they are gonna have some serious trouble coming their way from the crew.
Thirdly: I can tell you that Caspin does not get taken, but that is all I can say. 
Tahn: Wow, I just found the review thread for this. I sure do talk a lot, my bad ^_^  It feels like this story is ending soon. Is that just me?
Thirdly: Pfft, that’s only because you’re so friggin AWESOME! It’s a sad day whenever I don’t see a Tahn review somewhere (even if it’s not on our stories, I like reading your thoughts). That totally didn’t mean to come out as creepy as it sounded, ha ha ha. And, YES, both Kidnapping is Always an Option AND Lust and Chastity are coming to an end. They both also have amazing sequels which we may or may not have been working on simultaneously... 
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Hahaha, I doubt people even know my name. Hey, you interested in the joining the Halloween party I’m hosting this year? It’s cool to say no btw, but it’s gonna be a round robin of one shots involving a Halloween theme. You can even write about your characters, it’d be cute to see them dressed up.  Here’s the link if you are interested… http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/65894-2017-halloween-party/

Even if you aren’t, it’s always fun when I see your story updated. How did you come up with your story?

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