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Naruto DxD: Naruto devil of Lust.

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Guest Draynuy

Challenge also posted into the Naruto part of the forum in reason od the Crossover between Naruto and Highschool DxD.

Naruto is the playboy of Kuoh and everyone know it, however, because of his charming and respectful personality toward the female gender, none of the girls holds it against him and they are numerous to have had or to want a date and even some sex with him; even with the fact that Naruto tells immediately that it will certainly never becoming serious and will not last more that several days.

One day, then that Naruto believes to do another play date with another girl, the boy is threw into the supernatural world when his "date" reveals to be a fallen angel whose goal is to kill him because he own an artifact, dormant into his being, that could be dangerous for their faction.

Then that he is about to be killed, Naruto heard a voice call him from the inside and he manages to awake his hidden power and to fend off the fallen angel. Unfortunately the artefact, known as the boosted gear and the incarnation of Ddraig the red emperor dragon, releases too much of energy and it risks to kill him.

By "chance", then that he fights to stay concious, Naruto sees one of is school mate approaching; Rias Gremory, one of the Kuoh's Oneesama, confesses that she is a Devil and that she had a eye on him because she suspected his possession of the boosted gear and she wanted that he joins her servants. Rias says she can save him but in echange the boy must become part of her peerage.

Naruto accepts and is reincarnate and must get used to be a devil with powers and skills that, until now, were unknown to him; without counted the dragon who is in him and who want to befriend him but also direct him toward greatness. But if Naruto must deal with his new ethnie, Rias and her Peerage will have to deal with a compagnon who, even without knowing, exudes sexiness, lust and an arousing aura; the worst, she is not sure she want to resist it.

That is for the base plot with a Naruto who replaces Issei as the owner of the boosted gear, Issei can exist but only as minor character for the Stress relief. For this challenge Naruto is all the contrary of Issei, where issei is a shameless pervert who claim to become harem king but cannot act when confronted with all of what his dream entail, Naruto is very respectful of female, even as a acknowledged playboy, and with time will certainly act to transform his compagnons and some others into a harem of faithful lovers. Also where Issei has originally no talent and often no motivation, Naruto is nearly prodigious and is always ready to improve himself.

To complete the Crossover, Tenten must replace Kiba and Hinata must replace Gasper with Hanabi as the second personality. Also Haku must appear into the fic as a young relative of Grafia.

The plot can follow the manga but with logical change, and the sex must be present, even rather heavily, but cannot entirely erase the intrigue. One of the sub plot linked to sex must be the slow perversion of Rias and her peerage into becoming the Harem of Naruto, especially the transformation of Asia from a naive little nun to a little succubus that only venerate Naruto and his dick.

The harem of Naruto must include Rias and her peerage, from which Naruto is the only male member, additioned of Ravel, Miltet and Haku, and some more if you want. At one point Naruto can have his own peerage, with the three mentioned in, but his Harem cannot exceed the total of the two peerage. Naruto can have some occasional Lover Like Grafia or Serafall if you want but this is not obligatory.

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