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A new challenge: Runaway Dawn

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Before i start, i'll say this. First, most of the challenges i make have similar components (the main female characters ending up as major sluts, whores, etc...) so i'm guessing people don't find them really original... or even challenging.

You're probably wondering, in that case, "why doesn't he try writing his own stories, then"... well, the answer is simple... i can't. Make no mistake, i AM writing my own stories... just not the ones pertaining to my challenges. The why is because i doubt i could make a character that's NOT mine believable for long. For that reason, most of my stories (and don't bother looking for them, out of the, 20-something stories i have written, only a few have been released on the internet) revolve around original characters, and the various fandoms involved only become secondary.

Okay, now that that's been said, here's the challenge.

First, the time period... either after Buffy's death and before her resurrection at Willow's hand, or after the collapse of Sunnydale.

Having grown tired of being treated like a kid (or like she was made with glass), and possibly to escape the many reminders of her sister (if you go with the Buffy's Dead route), Dawn runs away from home, possibly with Spike's help. Problem is, a lone teenager (or a teenager with a vampire) needs money to survive. Hence why she starts to walk the streets.

Must have: Dawn starting at the bottom of the food chain,(so to speak), and growing up the ladder of the red light industry.

The Scoobs/Fang Gang finding her again after some time (at least 2 years if she left before Buffy's resurrection, or at least a year if she left after the fall of Sunnydale). The reactions of everyone involved are yours to decide. Except Buffy's. She's obviously upset. Ultimately, Dawn gives them an ultimatum which can be resumed to "i like my life now, either you accept it, or you leave me the fuck alone. Pun intended."

in the case Spike left with her, he's obviously soulless. (And if he isn't, better make it a very good reason).

May have: Dawn leaving the States for a more whore-friendly country.

Dawn becoming a pornstar (which could lead to the others finding her)

Faith supporting Dawn's decision 100%.

Some of the Potentials with nothing to come back to decide to join her in sex industry.

Must NOT have: Any of the Scoobie girls (meaning Buffy, Willow, Tara or Anya, whoever survive's the fall) joining in her line of work. If anything, whether or not they manage to reconcile with Dawn, they absolutely refuse to join her line of work.

I think that's all right now.

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Guest FutaSansaXLoras

The fanfic writer LL72 has done a story that sounds just like what you were wanting; Big City Sin. There’s also a sequel; City of Lost Angels. Dawn goes straight into the porn though, so it skips the streetwalking part. But on the plus side it’s got Cordelia Chase fucking Dawnie in the arse with a dildo in the first chapter.

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