Two challenge ideas

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First idea: Senshi infected

During a fight against a youma-like creature, one of the Senshis (preferably Usagi, Ami or Hotaru) gets infected with a libido-enhancing virus. It starts rather slowly with whichever senshi you chose first having to masturbate frequently, but after a short time, said Senshi needs more, and starts sleeping around. First with her desired gender, then with both genders, then with more and more people at one time, and finally anything that "walks", so to speak.

All the while, the infected Senshi starts to gain new weird attributes (pheromones, the ability to change appearance, grow wings, tentacles, dicks, additional vaginas, mind-control, etc... the choice is yours), and the accidental and uncontrollable ability to infect other people. Whatever "perks" they may gain as time passes, the first one they gain is the gradually lessening need for normal food, breathe or rest, as the more they fuck around, the more energy they start to gain from lust and sex.

Depending on who is infected (whether they're the first one or the ones afterwards), different things start to apply. If it's Usagi, her relationship with Mamoru becomes strained at first, as he starts getting real jealous. Later on, other future children of hers start to appear in present time, all of which share her lust. (Yes, if Usagi is changed, that includes Chibi-Usa, who may explain that the reason she "flirted" with Mamoru was because her training in controlling her pulsions was incomplete). Ultimately Usagi decides sex is the way to unite the world.

If it's Ami, she discovers that she can use her lust as a medical tool, and since she wants to be a doctor...

If it's Hotaru, problems may happen at school because she starts seducing several students and teachers, and/or because she's seen by someone related to the school while either entering a love hotel, a brothel, or having sex in public.

Should Rei be changed, she manages to control her lust at first, because of her miko training, but ultimately she's caught by some paparazzi, thus ruining her father's political career.

If Minako is changed, it may change her idol career to one as a pornstar.

These are only ideas for the different characters, and i have none yet for the other Senshis.

Second idea: The Debt.

Either one of the Inner Senshis or Naru inherits a very huge debt from their deceased parents. In Makoto's case, you'll need to explain why the debt only now reaches her.

Whoever contracts the debt finds an add for a model/actress willing to do "risky/naughty/interesting" things. Surprisingly, the job pays rather well. With nothing to lose, and not wanting to end up in a third-rate brothel and spread her legs for life, whoever decides to at least test the waters.

Turns out, the contractant is either a youma who didn't want to follow Beryl and wanted something other than the fighting, or some sex demon or other creature who likes humans as more than food.

May have: pretty much anything you can think of, one of those without debts discovering some of the main character's work and confronting her. The employer at some point giving the main girl the choice of becoming like her or staying human, and if the girl is one of the Senshis, her employer joining into the fighting of the monster of the week.

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