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Guest prettypinkpony

Slash Writer Wanted

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Guest prettypinkpony

Who's up for it??

Ron hates being poor and he wants something but cant afford it.

He gets caught shoplifting but gets 'rescued' by Lucius when he pays off the shop keep.

Ron reluctantly agrees to be Lucius' 'toyboy' after Lucius lures him with pretty and expensive things.

Lucius absolutely spoils Ron and Ron's loving it until Lucius get him to do things that make him uncomfortable.

Some examples-Cross Dressing, Water Sports, Sex in-front of others, sex with others while Lucius watches, Public nudity/sex. etc. Whatever takes your fancy. I'm up for anything ;)

I don't mind if you make it happily ever after for the two, after Ron blows up at Luc for his behavior, or if you have them split, never to meet again.

The only thing I'd rather not have is main character death.

I am a smut-aholic so the more smut the better but you can expand on the plot if you want.

One-shots are OK but multi chap is soooo much better.

If anyone wants to have a go, message me when you complete it or give me your AFF username and I'll keep an eye out for it.

If you want to be the only one to try it, send me a message and Ill delete this posting.

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