Sword Art Online challenge: The Secret Skill, or How to Raise your Level WITHOUT Danger

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Here's the challenge:

Everyone knows Kayaba is a Genius... what noone knows is, he's a also a huge pervert.

One of the known girls OTHER than Asuna (meaning either Sachi, Silica, Lisbeth or Argo) learn of a series of quests that will earn them a LOT of EXP, Col and possible higher-ranked equipment. The First Quest also gives, if succeeded, a new skill. The only way to fail the first quest... is to refuse it. But refusing it won't make it unavailable later on.

Whoever you choose as your heroine decides to see what the quest (and the skill) is about, and discovers she needs a different kind of weapon to succeed in that quest. Yes, you got it: SEX.

Now, depending on your main character, this can go several ways.

Sachi: Saved by kirito, she wishes to join the frontlines, but knows her level is far from enough. Will survivor's guilt influence her decision, or will she decide to raise her skills the hard way? In other words, will she be willing to dirty herself to help finish the game, or would she rather risk her life fighting monsters?

Silica: Pretty much the same as Sachi, without the survivor's guilt.

Lisbeth: Does she want to join the frontlines enough to do it? If you decide to go canon with her, that may explain WHY she chose to become a Blacksmith instead of anything else. She wasn't scared of fighting, but was smart enough to not take on more than she can chew, and she wasn't willing to get experience the "easy" way.

Argo: On the one hand, sex is a good way of getting information. On the other... yeah. Will she go through with it? Or does it disgust her? And whatever she does, will she give that information? To whom? Her requirements in whom she should give that inromation are important. Or will she seal that knowledge in the deepest corners of her mind?

must have:

Whether you go with the refusal OR the acceptance, whoever you chose as your main character must have detailed reasonings about it.

She, whoever she is, tries VERY hard to hide her new way of levelling from everyone else. Especially Asuna or Kirito. This of course leads to either of them (or even Klein or Agil) to try and discover how they managed to grow so much... and why they seem so embarrassed about it. Whether or not they catch up on it is your decison. Of course if it's Argo, she doesn't show anything.

Whatever equipment they manage to get through that kind of quest is at least good quality, and is sexy at best, kinky most of the time, if not 100% slutty. Whether that includes weapons is, again, your choice.

May have:

Whoever your may character is may try to convince one of the other lesser characters to follow in their footsteps... not like that. I mean, whoever says they want to be stronger, and your main character decides whether or not to tell them of her way. The skill is NOT a Unique Skill.

Quests, all of it, are yours to decide. Meaning you decide if it's full-blown sex, or just some simple strip-teasing. Of course, the more naughty (and possibly the more humiliating) the quest, the better the reward (be it exp, col or equipment).

Do these quests only involve human NPCs, does it involve other kinds creatures, it's your choice.

Do whoever they are decide to use their skills to "negotiate" with other players, again your choice.

The following i put in the "may" but i hope you'll take it as a "must": Do they have a breakdown, and if they do, who do they tell about it? It can be anyone important, from Klein to Asuna, even going so far as including "Heathcliff".

I'll put in a potential "Must Not Have", but it's your choice in the end whether you still want to do it or not.

Here it is: Kirito does NOT use their services (if they decide to sell themselves to other Players). Asuna does NOT join their line of work.

Sasha, the one working the orphanage, may try to get some more money this way to help the children better, she does NOT bring any of the children in with her. If Silica is your main character, Sasha, whether she works the same or not, does NOT approve.

I really hope someone will take me up on my challenge. Or at least tell me what you think.

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Guest Aaron

I might take this on but did you have something in mind for the Special Skill or is it up to the Author?

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You mean, does it have subcategories or the likes? Or do you just want to know what the "special skill" itself is?

The Special Skill itself is simply Sex. Whether it has subcategories or not is the author's choice.

Either you can have them getting new subskills when they get better in "general sex" (new subskills being things as simple as handjob or as kinky as GroupSex or Bondage), or it can simply be that their level in Sex allows them more actions, without need for subskills.

Maybe you can have a "seduction" skill that could work on NPCs and monsters, or you can have everything depending on just the Sex skill.

The skill in itself, its name, declinations, quests, all of it is up to the Author. As long as it is sex-related.

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