Challenge: Ranko's new life, a Ranma story

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After a particularly stressful event (either the failed wedding, anything including all fiancees, rivals, fathers, etc... or a particularly evil stunt by Nabiki), Girl-Ranma ends up drawning her sorrows in a bar. Drunk enough to lose all inhibitions but not enough to forget what happened, she wakes up the next morning in bed with a complete stranger (maybe more than one, and at least one guy), and realises she loved it.

Like it always does when he/she is in Nerima, badness ensues (badness completely unrelated with her one-night-stand... i know, pronons with Ranma are a bitch), and Ranma gets fed up with the lack of honor and care from everyone around him, and decides to leave for good. To add insult to injury, he decides to lock himself in his girl-form and find work in the sex industry.

Must include:

Ranko having sex with boys and girls alike, and possibly hermaphrodites (possibility for crossovers)

Ranko participating in groupsex.

Ranko having sex on camera, and becoming an amateur pornstar.

Ranko convincing girls she meets to join her business (NOT necessarily girls from the show)

Ranko being officially disowned.

The fathers trying to convince Ranko to marry Soun.

Nabiki trying to make money of Ranko's new situation... and it backfiring badly.

Akane having one of her tantrums, and Ranko retaliating.

The Amazons trying to either kill or convince Ranko to join their people.

Nodoka trying to enforce the pledge and not being able to because Ranko is NOT a Saotome anymore.

Ranko does NOT give up the art, even if she can't perform her father's school anymore. She's developped her own style for so long it's completely and utterly new.

Ultimately, Ranko opens her own brothel, where she employs mostly girls who are in the same kind of situation (runaways, huge debts, orphans, etc...)

May include:

Ranko having sex with some of the guys from the show.

Ranko having sex with (some of) the girls from the show, and convincing them of joigning her new line of work.

Ranko having sex with Taro in either/both forms.

Ranko taking the fathers as clients, with the fathers trying to inpregnate her... and failing. Ranko may even prefer having Genma as a panda (less disgusting in her opinion, she doesn't think he rates much as a guy).

Ranko convincing Herb to "embrace" his feminity.

Ranko having Happosai as a client and discovering he is too old for sex. She ends up being fondled and fingered during their sessions, and they talk a lot.

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