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Master Aqua, Apprentice Sora

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Just like it says, a story with Keyblade Master Aqua and Sora as her apprentice. Other circumstances are open to whatever, whether an AU or some time post 3D.

General thoughts, Aqua remains dominant throughout. Even if they switch positions, she's still dominant emotionally. Behavioral changes, going from stern and commanding to teasing her "cute apprentice." Sora is easily embarrassed, but eager to please and wants to live up to Aqua's belief in him. He never deviates from calling her Master, no matter the situation.

Post-training shared bathing is the norm, has been since he became her apprentice. Same with massages after particularly rigorous sessions. Rewards and punishments for his performance in training are basically the same, since, as she says, "There's always room for improvement," and they never actually set any specific goals, since that would be limiting. So whether Sora did well enough to deserve a reward or avoid a punishment is totally up to Aqua's discretion.

Rewards would be things like handjobs, blowjobs, thigh fucks or titfucks, things Aqua does purely for his benefit. Occasionally, if he does something really well or it's a special occasion, she might wear some special outfit, like a maid outfit on his birthday, nurse after recovering from an injury provided it wasn't from doing something stupid, maybe a princess (possibly of a particular world) if he does something important in the process of helping save a world (Sora still dreams about when Aqua dressed like Jasmine).

Punishments include foot licking (minor enough that she can use practically anything as an excuse for it, and she's pretty sure Sora enjoys it enough that it's not really a punishment), face sitting (normally with a time limit attached), and in extreme cases, what amounts to a magical chastity belt and/or piss drinking. Not usual, but she's found out that being REALLY dominant can get her off unbelievably hard, and Sora can get off to basically anything if she's involved.

Their nights ending in sex is practically a given, once the reward/punishment sessions (which most would call foreplay) are done. Though there's one reward and one costume that are absolutely reserved for a particular occasion: when Sora passes his Mark of Mastery. The reward is anal. The costume is a wedding dress. That's the cheesy romantic, and appreciation for wedding dresses talking.

Optionally, Aqua may have other apprentices, like Kairi, Namine, Xion, or other girls to get involved. And if the Master and apprentice happen to save some grateful maiden, good for them.

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